Friday, December 18, 2009

Nice Box

I am counting this as putting the Nativity out. After getting out all the decorations, transporting a couple of nativities to and from our ward creche, re-hanging ornaments and constantly picking up the more child friendly decorations I just couldn't quite get myself to pull this baby out of the box. Not to mention I HATE the sound of styrofoam.....So, I think we can all just look at the picture on the box to remember the reason for the season and not need it in a more presentable form. I should get props for clearing a spot off the top of the piano--even if it was just to display a box.
And I'd meant to share this before---Syd and Ike are good buddies. He babysits her while someone else is babysitting him because she is soooo into stranger danger. Even when the strangers are people like grandparents. But she's OK if Ike is the one holding her and taking care of her when Hub and I aren't around.
So maybe their bond has extended into adopting each other's facial expressions?? Exhibit A:

Syd's toothless smile because she only had a couple and was embarrassed to show them.

And here is Exhibit B:

Ike's toothless smile because he didn't want to appear too cheesy for the school photographers.
Notice the similarity?


stephanie said...

that is hilarious! I love the pictures.
I totally don't blame you for not wanting to put the nativity up.

cold cocoa said...

THe styrofoam is a deterrent in our manger-putting up process, as well. Gives me the cold chills right now!

How funny with the expressions. You could also do a similar post with Mitch and Noelle's facial expressions.

James said...

That is too much...can't believe the similarity in pictures! Glad they're best buds! I'm dreading the UNdecking this year...just did my classroom today!
Have a Merry, White Christmas! It was in the 70's today...not feelin' much like Christmas in these parts!

T Daley said...

I think I am going to steal your nativity idea... Genius!!!!

Your kids are so stinkin cute; I love the expression on Ike's face.

Michelle said...

The hate of the styrofoam sound must be genetic. I don't know a Christensen that can stand it--but I don't have a problem with it.

Nicole said...

I think the nativity box counts. I love the pictures. They do look a lot alike.

Sher said...

I loved the pictures and I did the same thing with the nativity that usually goes in my room. I put it up at the ward party -- put it back in the box -- and couldn't bring myself to get it out again. I was tired of being busy! Fortunately a friend gave me a simple one on a block of wood which I put in its place.