Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Poke or Not to Poke?

I really wish everybody out there would do their civic duty and get a flu shot. Then I would feel OK about not getting them for me or my family because our risk of infection would be greatly reduced.
I confess we have never got them in the past. Ever. Because I hate shots and I hate taking my kids to get shots. Not because I am a bad mom or because I want us all to be super sick. I just debate what is worse: A sick kid on a couch for a few days peacefully watching movies, or taking four highly combative children into the doctor's office to get their shots and the ensuing crying and thrashing of arms and legs.
I know, I know, I have heard all the testimonials of those who swear by the shots and say if my family had every truly gotten the real flu, then there would be no debate in my head. And I am slowly being beaten down by guilt and am mentally picturing doing it this year. But it would really save me the trouble if you all just did it instead. Thanks!


cold cocoa said...

My expert advice: it really doesn't hurt them. If they can just have no fear all would be good. Tell them your girly cousins got them and didn't cry. (though Anika tends to panic and moves around when she sees the needle) Don't tell Ethan or Noelle; they will do just fine with no advanced notice. And remember, treat for afterwards! Since you rarely go get treats probably even a gas station sucker would be good enough. Lastly, do you want me to come hold some kids?

stephanie huff said...

I agree with Erin it can't hurt. I am planning on getting my kiddies shots this year. Maybe we can compare traumatic experiences. Bring your camera and post it on your blog.

Denise said...

I am with Steph. Now that would be Great reading and seeing! I think all of us without kids will think twice about having kids.

T said...

As much as I'd love to help you out here, we have one child that had a nasty beyond belief allergic reaction - which was either caused by the flu shot or the pneumonia shot he has just received... thus he can never have either one again, just in case! I think though that we will be poking the rest of them and hoping for the best... I really can't handle the flu again, the years that we've gotten it have been miserable beyond belief!

Killpack Family said...

I'll do my best to help you out. My family will get shots so you can feel safe at least being around us! Seriously though, I have a friend that didn't want to fight her kids with shots so they got the flu mist thing. She said it was great because there was no crying. You should look into it before you give into shots.

hOLLIANN said...

We have bad reactions...all my best to you.

In all fairness to the you must get the shot...last year Reg was the only one to get one, and he had the worst case of flu EVER! And Reg only gets sick when he works for one of those companies with take all you want sick days...insta-sick!

In conclusion...Pray about it.

BTW - did they ask your ward to make calls for Prop 8?

big8smiley said...

We don't get flu shots. Last year I hear the shots didn't even work. Only Jeremy has had the shot the past couple of years because he has diabetes. Whenever he gets the shot he is sick for a couple of days. DUMB!! I guess you won't want to come near us this winter. Sorry. Good luck with your decision!

LC said...

You are like your bro.
I always take me and the kids in because I will do ANYTHING to avoid nausea and throwing up. The mist thing is sounding ideal.
Kate completely refused last year. No guilt trips by the nurse or I could convince her so I figured what the heck-- She has a hearty constitution like her dad.
It's true it's a gamble--they just make that stuff and HOPE that it's going to be the right strain.--the mist stuff is sounding better and better.

Sher said...

This mist stuff is for 5 year olds and over. Der had the shot once and felt sick for a couple of days so he won't be doing it again. The Dr. said Dan had to have it so I am taking him today -- I'm not looking forward to it. The Dr. tried to convince me everyone should get it to "protect Dan" but -- though I could handle having it myself, I guess I'm too whimpy to make my kids do it. Shouldn't Dan be protected by his own shot? We had the real flu last year and were wiped out for a couple of weeks. The funny thing is that Derek remembers it with fondness because it was so easy for him to sleep. He got rid of his insomnia for a couple of weeks and thought that part of it was nice!