Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This will be my first and only official political post this election season. I have had great self control and vented all my political opinions on other people's blogs so my blog could remain a neutral zone. Just call me Switzerland.

But I am officially done voting as of 10:30 a.m. It's off my conscience and now I don't give a hoot if Obama comes up with any more terrorist friends or McCain discovers he owns another home somewhere. I've voted and I am free! I spent a great deal of my weeknights trying to stay awake while reading the very handy voter guide. Those amendments to our state constitution make fascinating reading material. And how fun is it to read all of the ratings on our judges? But more importantly---I hope you read up on our choices for governor. SuperDell informed me that I could be held eternally accountable if I didn't open my heart and mind to him as my candidate.

I will be spending the actual election day conducting exit poll interviews for the National Election Pool---the one the major networks use. How fun is that? But remember that the most accurate exit polls in Utah are the ones aired on KBYU (shout out to Daddio)

Lastly, the early voting line was still a good 15 minute wait and the ballot is pretty long so I don't even want to imagine what it will be like on election day during the rush hours. Plan accordingly and Happy Voting!


stephanie huff said...

Congratulations on voting! I hope you had a good time. Nice shout out to Uncle Howard! I am sure he appreciates it.

DKAZ said...

And so who did you did you pledge your allegiance to???

LC said...

Are you getting extra credit for doing the exit polls? Good for you.
If anyone asks me who i voted for I'm going to say, "The President" because whoever it is I will pray for and support!!" Ha ha--that was a little gem in the Dear Abby section of today's paper. Anyone else read that?
BD voted today too! You can ask him who and see if he has a witty response!

cold cocoa said...

I'll try to make it out to the polls this year. Not too excited though.

How come you don't tell us? That is a little un-brave of you. What is the good of your political post if you don't even say why any certain candidate rocks or stinks?

T said...

I read that Dear Abby LC - and yes, it's a touchy subject sometimes... especially among liberal high school friends! (darn that facebook!)

The Allreds said...

Can people vote early up until the action election day??? Or did you get to vote early since you're helping? Just curious!?!?
Surprised your sister doesn't share the same political enthusiasm as you, sounds like she wants the Cliff Notes version...I wouldn't mind them either, should I wait for you to post them??

hOLLIANN said...

I totally voted for super dell. I was afraid if I voted for Huntsman I might spontaneously get a fake, orange tan through the voting machine as a reward. Good thing I am set through the eternities!

Megz said...

Summer---you can early vote until Friday. Look in the end of your voting guide for locations and times.
And as for my personal votes---let's just say that I love to mix and match among all the parties to make everyone feel the love. Why can't they all just be winners?
DK--you know I can't do Sarah, but I can't do BObama more.
And that is as personal as you are going to get. I like to keep my personal life private just like Britney Spears.
And I'm with you on the plastic hair/tan look of our guv, Holli. Can't he mess it up just a little bit? And I'd love to give him a buzz cut.....