Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Stuff I wanted to Say

We had a nice conference weekend. Only a minimal amount of sugar was consumed (don't gummy bears, M&Ms, popcorn and orange rolls have minimal amounts of sugar?) and the kids drew lots and lots of pictures.

Isn't this picture mommy heaven? Of course, this was before any fights erupted over stolen crayons and whose picture was best and before Noelle started drawing on the table.

I only had the chance to fall asleep during one talk in the afternoon session before Hub rudely shook me. It's nice to be able to actually hear most of the talks and glean something from them. I propose having General Conference changed from semi-annual to multi-annual. Are there any opposed?
On a different vein---Every Mother's Day Hub takes the kids to the local nursery and lets them each choose a flower to put in an arrangement for me. I love this because they love it and because it means I don't have to do the choosing myself. I just can't handle that kind of pressure. All those different flowers and all the different just makes my head hurt thinking about it. But this way if the arrangement looks a little funny I can just blame it on the kids. And truth be told, their haphazard picking never looks bad.
So this is what I got on Mother's Day:
And this is what it looks like today:
Is this symbolic of their love for me?? Or should I just have the caveat that if you give it you have to water it? What is wrong with me that I can't manage to water these plants? Or should I just be thankful that I can keep my kids hydrated and anything past that is a bonus?


T said...

Quinn & I spent part of our weekend workday cleaning out the pots that used to have nice big indoor trees in them... we're giving it up and going with fake!

Our orange rolls must have been different than yours because they had TONS of sugar - enough to keep the kids bouncing off the walls while I tried to listen to conference!

The Allreds said...

Just blame the brown plants on the darn sun exposure that fries almost anything in the front yard. I could water my front pot 2times a day and it would still look "crunchy!"
As for Conf. - I jabbed James a few times to wakeup and added, "Look at the example you're setting!" His mom was asleep on the other couch, so maybe he was just following HER example : )

cold cocoa said...

That is weird about your flowers, because I'm no green thumb and by Fall my flowers finally start thriving!
You should have posted a picture of the treats. We had some and I had real intentions to put them in bowls for free for all, but I couldn't get myself to share my M&M's too freely with the kids.

big8smiley said...

I had 2 pots of lovely flowers this year and Nathan killed them both. The first pot he drowned. The 2nd pot made it until last week when he decided to take his sword outside and hack them down when I wasn't looking. Thanks Nathan. It's probably not a good idea to let kids at the plants either. I think your pot looks typical and just reminds us that fall is here. So, HOORAY!!! ??

LC said...

Maybe next year you'll be getting a cactus.

I liked the family tradition of meeting together for pizza while the guys go off to Priesthood mtg. and the girls hang together. Fun. Maybe we'll come crash the conference party again. I'll bring the gummy peaches.

hOLLIANN said...

So what is your facebook ID...I still can't seem to find you on there...JK

I am glad that your conference was lovely, and there were just a few mild volcanic eruptions. And, do you have a good recipe for orange rolls? I would like one.

hOLLIANN said...

Oh, and do you realize that in 11 years I will have 2 hours all to my self semi-annually, and for father's and sons...I'll take it!

stephanie huff said...

I have a plant that looks very similar. I, however, don't have such sentimental value attached to mine. I purchased it myself at walmart and then neglected it.