Sunday, May 4, 2008


Another week down the drain. It felt busy but when I used my Sunday brain to think about why....nothing really came to mind. Good thing I had these pictures in my camera to remind me of a couple of events. Ethan learned to snorkel at preschool. The mom in charge this week really went the extra mile and taught about deep sea creatures and gave each boy his own snorkeling gear. Doesn't really compare to that boring lesson I gave them on the Founding Fathers does it?

What else? We had a mock baseball game for FHE so everyone could remember which way you run the bases and how to react if a ball comes your way. Mitch will be starting tee-ball and Ike has his first year of coach pitch so any practice is helpful. Mitch just needs to learn that one you get on a base you aren't allowed to sit on it and pick dandelions. And Ike needs to remember that just because he is the fastest runner doesn't mean he is supposed to cover the entire outfield by himself. Should be a fun season.

Then there was this:
This was 'my' door to decorate at the school. It is teacher appreciation week and the PTA wanted every staff member's door adorned with some lovely banner. I got to do the PE teacher and thought a sports theme was very simple. I got my vision and my creative juices flowed and while at home I looked at my masterpiece and thought, 'Wow! I am one talented lady!'

And thus the cycle of my arts disease begins: I get excited, create the work, compare it to what my children can do, feel prideful, take it to display, see all the other mother's works of art where they use materials I've never even heard of, get embarrassed about mine, go home and accept that my real talents are in reading and make-believe games. I was good at art as a kid and I think that pride has stayed with me. But somewhere along the line, my skills have stayed at about an elementary school level and my brain forgets that when I eagerly agree to take on crafty projects.
So yes, there were several doors much more elaborate and clever than mine. I even took pictures of them to prove to Hub what a Big Deal this is. (I don't dare post them because what if they are really copyrighted and there's some national Door Decorating Contest and some poacher steals their idea from my site?I couldn't live with myself if that happened.)

Other great things happened this week that I didn't take pictures of. Like meeting my friend Debbie at the park for lunch before she headed back to sunny AZ. And it was awesome because for once I wasn't the mom who had the whiny kids clinging to her--that was Debbie! My kids were great and went off and played and I was that Mom who I am always jealous of. So thanks, D, for letting me be that lady for once. Or rather, thank your kids!
And that is all that I can think of. Or all that I can take time to share since there's a noise level in my house now that is not conducive with the Sabbath spirit. THE END.


LC said...

That artsy thing totally rings true to me. Every year in school I would enter the Reflections contest--so excited and sure that my poem, painting, song, etc. was brilliant--how could I not win?! Then I'd get to school and see the competition and be let down...and think well maybe next year if I do THIS...and the cycle would continue. How did I not learn??--Their artsy parents probably all but made their projects anyway because what kid has access to charcoal pencils and oil paints and oversized art paper?!@! I have made my peace with the whole Reflections thing despite the tone of this comment.
For what it's worth I thought your "on the ball" theme was very creative.

cold cocoa said...

I thought you already learned your lesson last year? You have to mount everything on fun paper and add eyelets and candies and stuff. That door does look like what I'd do. Who wants to waste their time creating a door no one gets credit for? And do those moms think it is fun or are they trying to outdo next door Jane?

cold cocoa said...

I really like your gorilla. Very nice addition to the blog.

Diana said...

megz, that is just how Christensen women make art! be proud---no one else creates quite like you do. other women may complete beautiful, professional looking crafts, but yours will always say "megz" just like cold cocoa's are unmistakeable and so are mom's. i hope you go out and decorate a door next year too!

The Allreds said...

Wonder if Ethan was taught about sharks, electric eels, jellyfish, and sting rays like my kids have been...then when they get to the REAL ocean they're petrified!!! Guess our family will just appreciate sea life behing GLASS!
You are WAY more creative than you give yourself credit for...I liked your poster's theme - way to go girl. I was just relieved that I didn't have to pull off a "door" this year, yes it can be stressful!
Glad you had a good week, keep it up!

T said...

I like the door just fine... the ones at our school got so elaborate (and the whiny teachers complained when theirs wasn't cool enough or done fast enough) that we just up and cancelled doors. Appreciate it!!! oh, yeah, I'm over it - I loved your theme and the use of the real pictures, you have nothing to be embarrassed about :) Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't feel the need to compare ourselves to others and we could just be happy with all those things I constantly would love to change!

Sher said...

Your door was as good as or better than any I've done. I had a partner once who spent many hours (literally) cutting out these frogs or something. I think my contribution was glueing them to the door -- I can't remember doing anything else. I can't think any teacher appreciates a decorated door enough for me to spend hours!

Holliann said...

I love a big head on a small body. You were simply trying to make her look like a movie star/celebrity. I wish I had a big head so i could be a celebrity!