Friday, May 9, 2008

My Personal Pride Police

If you were to look at my kids' resumes (what? Don't your kids have resumes?) under 'skills' it would say 'keeping my mom's pride in check'. This occurs in many ways, mostly involving public outings, but here are some recent examples of areas in which my children are placed on earth to fully ensure that I never get a big head about anything.

ART SKILLS: Please refer to a couple posts prior where I displayed my 'door' for the PE teacher. After explaining my idea and getting all pumped about it, Ike who actually does have artistic skills, refused to get involved. After the banner was hung and he witnessed it at school, I asked him what he thought. He said,"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." Gee, thanks?

MUSICAL SKILLS: I enjoy playing the piano for kicks. It happens very rarely since it seems as if whenever I sit down on the bench, no matter what activity the kids were engaged in, it turns into a race for who can squeeze next to me on the bench and make beautiful music with me. And since I happen to be the only one who can actually read the notes, no beautiful music is created. The other day I was able to practice for a little bit alone when Mitch came in the room. "Wow! That was you playing the piano, Mom?" he asked. I was waiting for a follow-up compliment like, "--Because that sounded like a professional pianist." Instead, he said, "Because I thought that was Ethan and I was going to tell him he was doing a good job." Ethan?? Whose preferred method of playing the piano doesn't involve fingers, it involves plunking his bottom on the keys?? Gee, thanks Mitch.

BEAUTY: I was doing the dishes and Ethan was watching TV (another one of Ethan's resume 'skills') when I heard him yell, "That looks like you, Mom!" I raced to the TV because I was very curious as to who could possibly look like me. Could it be Giselle? Vanna? An American Gladiator? Oprah (Ethan has a very active imagination)? Nope. He was watching a commercial and he pointed to a MAN. He thought I looked like a MAN! Granted, the man had shoulder length hair, but still. He was a MAN. Thanks, Ethan.

To be fair, the kids also can inflate my pride by telling me I'm the best mom they ever had. And that I'm smarter than a 5th grader. So maybe it all evens out in the end.


The Allreds said...

the hard times/comments make the REAL complements soooo much MORE meaningful, right!?!! : )

Holliann said...

Ha! Ha! so sorry about your pride. Mine is still in tact because my kids don't have resumes, so when they say dumb things to me I simply reply, "I consider the source!"

cold cocoa said...

I love kids. They're the most honest, right? But then again, their vision is still skewed and what do they have to compare our beauty/talents to? Your day will come when Mitchie says "wow Mom- you sound so much like Beethoven!" And Ethan will say "Mom-tone your tight clothes and makeup down when my friends come over!" and then you'll know you've arrived.

LC said...

Very funny--especially the TV story. Kids are made to keep us humble, it's true.
I'm curious what you like to play for kicks? There are lots of fun songs I would like to play if I had your skill level...some flight of the bumblebee maybe would impress the kids... or at least get them all hyper.

T said...

does it count if I'm still over-awed by your musical ability?
I think we should all remember (as holliann mentioned) to consider the source... maybe then I'll survive their childhood intact

oh yeah - pride is evil... never mind, give the kids a thank you card for keeping you humble!

DKAZ said...

I'm laughing my you-know-what off right now! I love your kids!

Sher said...

Okay Meg, a complement for your memory anyhow. Those are the kind of things that are just funny with a bit of twinge to the pride. I always try to remember them but if I don't write them down immediately my brain loses them. I won't put that on any resume. I have some funny ones from Connor that I remember because I wrote them down. I was pregnant and he said something like "Wow Mom, you look nice, how did you get that dress on?" (looking at me like getting anything over that belly would be like a magic trick). He told me I brush my teeth really good too. What a great boy.

Holliann said...

so I am dying to know who won out on the sabbath!