Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Seis de Mayo!

I made the mistake of blog hopping around St. Patrick's Day this year and saw how fun different moms got on holidays. A whole dinner around a theme! What a concept! I realized this was something I could do. Except not on St. Patrick's Day since I don't eat green food as a general rule and I'm not about to go authentic and do the corned beef and cabbage thing (sorry Summer!) So I was just waiting for the perfect holiday to showcase my new fun-ness without too much effort (the two terms really do not go together in my book). And then it hit me! Cinco de Mayo! Fun because it celebrates my Mexican ancestors (so what if we have to go to the pre-existence to find the link?) and easy because we kindof eat Mexican food anyway (kindof because I don't really do beans or peppers or chilis or other traditional Mexican fare--but bring on the nachos!)
I planned my menu mentally (who has time to write things down?) and couldn't wait for the fiesta to begin. The only problem was that I never really checked the calendar to see when Cinco de Mayo really was. I knew it was the 5th (duh) but I have this handicap lately. I only go by days of the week. I know what day I have things, but I never can tell you the actual date. For example, Tuesday is Ethan's doctor visit; Wednesday I am babysitting; etc. This makes life easy to understand and I live week by week. Somehow I got all messed up and didn't know it Cinco de Mayo until halfway in the middle of the day. I tried to figure out a way to make it all work, but it was FHE and none of the kids wanted to substitute my fiesta for what we already had planned (major party poopers were Ethan who was in charge of treats and Mitch who was in charge of the game--Ike who was in charge of the lesson was more than willing to give up his part for some Mexican history, but I wouldn't let him). So, as most mothers have learned to do, I just reshuffled my brain and celebrated a day later. Heck, it's not like it was Christmas!
This tasty dish was cinnamon crisps with fruit salsa. We had fajitas for the actual entree, but they weren't as pretty to look at.

Here is Noelle with the most awesome white girl 'fro, Ethan, and Mitch who just loved to play on the el deslizadero. Thanks to Dora the Explorer for our Spanish words.And Isaac cannot go a day without playing football. But on this Seis de Mayo, it was futbol. They actually have a league and everything. Thank you to Wikepedia for teaching me about the Mexican Futbol league.

And that thar is the evidence of how I can be a fun mom too. I'm just counting down now until the next random holiday to further hone my fun mom skills. Any suggestions?


cold cocoa said...

You are the most un-Mexi person I know. You need to open yourself to the world of beans! But that fruit salsa looks great. You might want to get a mani before you start putting your hands in pictures though. But good job- themes always put a little excitement in life. Next big day- SCHOOL'S OUT!

Holliann said...

Yea for being a fun mom - too much work for me - I will continue to be a dumb mom - but I didn't realized that it was babysitting on Wednesday. i will make sure to drop all 4 of my kids off ready for lunch!

Sher said...

Flag day is coming up in June. That sounds up your alley. Maybe you can make one of those cool flag cakes with blueberries and strawberries. You could have your own flag ceremony and do the pledge (to the real flag and not the cake). I think I could get in to planning fun days if I don't actually have to do the work to carry them out. Nice picture of the salsa.

LC said...

Good news--someone else celebrates Cinco de Mayo? We went to Taco Time. Earlier in the day we colored a picture of kids hitting a pinata (sorry kids you just get to color a picture of other kids having fun...maybe we'll do a pinata next year) We did learn a song in Spanish where you sing and point to different parts of the body.
But to really celebrate 5 de Mayo you'd have to dance the night away at a discoteca.

lkm said...

As being one who ate the food I give to thumbs up! I am hoping there is a "Big Breakfast" holiday soon because I LOVE sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, french toast, fruit and juice (those are my subtle hints for a great breakfast). Also, who needs a manicure when you have perfect, beautiful hands like those in the picture.

T said...

I'm thinking that Futbol is actually soccer Meg -

Our Cinco de Mayo celebration consisted of Nachos and Singing "Juan Paco Pedro de la Mar"... we learned a little bit about Mexico in preschool and colored a few pictures of donkeys and little girls in traditional Mexican garb, but I doubt that's going to stick for long (especially since they've already lost their refrigerator spot)

Yummy lookin' fruit salsa! now I'm getting the munchies!

Megz said...

Thanks for sticking up for my hands, LKM. Manis are for wussies. And T---it is true that futbol is soccer, but Ike didn't want to play soccer so we just had to roll with the punches yet again!

The Allreds said...

Talking about futbol...did you know Megan along with her kicking friends BEAT the 19th ward team, who had THREE high school soccer players on their team. Way to go girl!
Glad to see Cinco de Mayo made an impact this year, love to see holiday spirit!
Mother's Day is the next holiday...hopefully your hubby/kids will do the work on this one, maybe that dream breakfast will appear!?!
I was surprised to see all the you do fruit? just not veggies? just checkin'