Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Rock

I love Mother's Day. It means spring time. It means another holiday in which I can buy stuff for myself and tell my husband he's off the hook.  It means school is close to ending and I can stop making my kids do homework. It means I get lots of cute pictures and crafts from my kids. It means I can try to guilt them into being kind by reminding them it's my special day.
But it's also a good time to reflect on all the good moms I know. My mom is Top Dog, of course. She has no match. I can only hope somebody will eulogize me someday and say I was somewhat like her.  Hub's mom is also a great mom. She schooled my man into being a great husband and father.
Then there are my good sisters and sis-in-laws who are also wonderful moms. And all my friends who do justice to the title. And my friends who aren't moms yet but are great examples to all the wee ones in their lives. Am I leaving anyone out? I just want everyone to feel the love today. Even if you take your mother's day picture on your front porch and your eldest child is being grouchy and stands a foot behind everyone else. (Isaac was immune to the Mother's Day guilt trip lecture)
Please note my traditional flower pot arrangement. Check in with me in July to see if it's still alive.


stephanie said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love that Isaac is standing back. That is a great picture. You have some cute kids and I am not biased.
I was pretty sure you were referring to me in your shout out to moms. I mean who wouldn't be? My mothering skills indeed rock. so Thanks!

cold cocoa said...

Am I one of the moms who doesn't do justice to the title?
I'm glad you are pumped out today. I didn't think of getting a picture but I should have. I could have shown all my candys and cookies.
I'm sad that my planned bbq just turned inside. What the!

Diana said...

What? I'm supposed to be taking Mother's Day pictures each year? What kind of mother am I. . .

The Allreds said...

maybe Isaac is upset he didn't get to wear a striped shirt!? isaac just wanted to make the rest of us moms laugh - he's cute, even when he's grumpy!
sending hugs your way!

TisforTonya said...

We have our fair share of pictures similar to that... Eldest sons somehow don't succumb easily to guilt and coercion :(

and you need to just leave extensive notes laying around - nah, just script it out word for word - for your Eulogy, whoever is chosen to deliver it will be relieved and thrilled that the work is done!!!

and my yearly picture is usually of my breakfast tray... I suppose I should try to get a picture of me one year... just not during the breakfast in bed phase of the day - that's FAR too scary!

LC said...

That photo says a lot. I love it!
You do have a great mom! And you're a great mom! And so am ? Gee, thanks.
Winners all around.

Sher said...

Wow Thanks! That's the closest you've ever gotten to a mushy blog post I think. I liked the picture. I got some mother's day flowers too and I hope they make it since they're pretty. Do you think Tonya's already written her own Eulogy? She seemed to think it was a good idea.

Mule Team said...

Shout out to yourself as one of the greater moms I know. Just want you to know that since we do Sabbath on Saturday here, we actually got to eat out on Mother's Day. Don't get to do that very often!

Happy Mother's Day!