Thursday, May 19, 2011

New England tour 2011

 I know most of you have been anxiously awaiting my recap. Well, wait no longer.  I am really holding back on the deets and about 140 pix since I know most blog readers don't have an attention span for a post longer than a paragraph. (not me though--I love reading all your wordy ones, I promise!) So if you're feeling deprived after reading this call me and I'll give you the 90 minute version......
 My parents view from the front door of their 'mission' home. Granby, MA is a beautiful little town.

                        Reuniting with my parents.... Erin is super talented with the self-timer on her camera.

 An old fashioned walk in the MA woods. We even got lost. But I was able to use all my navigation skills I learned at girls camp to bring us to safety. Maybe that is just my version, but Erin can tell hers on her own blog.
                              Very beautiful Boston Public Gardens.

Picture of the New England Genealogical Society just to show that I can do family history even if I don't live in Utah.

                       The view of the Boston Harbor on the ferry. Very cool.

Great self picture on the ferry. Look how happy my dad is to be there! You don't know it, but we are freezing our patooties off. Somebody should have told us to wear our coats.

                                                     JERSEY SHORE
We got to meet up with my Italian sister, Diana, and her fam in New Jersey. We had a fun time on the beach and driving through the slums of Trenton.
                             Chillaxin' on the air mattress at Diana's house.

It was a great trip and we had fun at every turn. I love traveling without children. I highly recommend it. And a shoutout to my wonderful Hub who took a couple days off of work to take care of the Crazy that goes on at the homefront. Did I tell you he even took care of my roommom duties by decorating a teacher door? And that there was a nice crockpot dinner awaiting me when I walked in the door? He's awesome.
the end.


cold cocoa said...

Wow, you skipped so many picture opportunities to embarrass me, so I thank you for that. Looks like the funnest trip ever! You failed to mention how you couldn't find your car at the airport, though. That one should discount any of the times on the trip you almost found out where we were first...

stephanie said...

don't worry Erin I got 90 minute version so I know all the embarrassing stuff. Just kidding

Looks beautiful there. Bonnie and Howard look gorgeous as always.. so does your italian sister Diana.

I am glad you were able to go. What a great Opportunity

Matt and Cristina said...

How fun! I spent a few days in Boston several years ago and LOVED it. I wouldn't mind going on a mission there someday!

The Allreds said...

Great fun to spend time with your family-bet your parents LOVED every second! It looked gorgeous there!! So glad you got to make the trip and have hubby help on the homefront!

Sher said...

I want the 90 minute version, do I need to make an appointment? And, why exactly is Diana the Italian sister? Shouldn't she be Greek or something -- only she'll need to dye her hair and learn a different language. Nice pictures. Three cheers or maybe even five for your hub.

jaredandgina said...

Oh love Boston!n Glad you had fun!! What a great job Leon did, nice hub for sure!

Diana said...

Leon made you a crockpot meal for when you got home? WOW. He better be getting some red meat on Father's Day for that one. . .I totally get why you called me Italian, too. I look so Jersey Shore. Did you see my outfit?!

TisforTonya said...

he did the teacher's door??? that IS amazing!

and I think we need another post with all the embarrassing moments now that CC has mentioned them :)

I am also wondering how Di suddenly became Italian...:)

The Peacock family said...

Looks like fun. Way to go on vaca without the kidos :) So did you run into Snooki down at the Jersey Shore :) LOL!!!