Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break Cheap Mormon Style

It's hard to be fun when you don't want to spend money (hello new brakes and rotors on our van!) and you don't really want to mess up naptime (hello most sacred hour of the day!) or bedtime (hello other most sacred hour of the day!) or we really had to use our imagination this week to make the kids think it was the Special Break they were deserving. I didn't make them do much homework. And they didn't have as many chores. So that was special.  We went to 3 different parks. We went to the track. We went on a bike ride. We went to the library.
But we did manage to sneak in a few trips that were more than 10 miles away from home.
****The BYU Museum of Paleontology AKA The poor man's Thanksgiving Point
My sis and I went with 10 kids. Then we went to the Bean Museum because we hadn't gone insane enough.

Couldn't resist this picture of Sammy crying. He wasn't a fan of the poor man's dino museum.

***Hub took a day off to accompany us to Discovery Gateway. This one was on Isaac since he scored a 6-person-pass at school. Good thing because I can't imagine paying 60 bucks to fight with the rest of Utah County to play with some legos. Just kidding. It was a fun place but waaaaay too crowded. It was fun running into a couple of neighbors there.

(yes, Ethan is wearing a Santa hat in the above pix. He wore it all through spring break. I'm picking my battles, people!)
**We also had a couple soccer practices and a soccer game where the sun actually shone. It was a little bit of heaven after enduring games where it was snowing.
 ** And the week capped off with Ethan's Birthday party. As you can see and probably know from your own experience with birthday parties, it takes everyone to open up a gift.

And that was our spring break.


Matt and Cristina said...

Looks like fun to me! If I were the kids that is. Now you deserve your own Spring Break. If only that were possible, right? ;)

LC said...

Looks like you got some pretty cute highlights and that's a great way to celebrate Spring!

cold cocoa said...

You are so mean to post that Sam pic. Poor kid. "Just HoLd me!"
You need to send me that group picture.

Sher said...

You are lots less wordy than me. Good job. Your way of telling about things is always entertaining for me and I enjoy it. My sister thought the Gateway was crowded but I think it wasn't because I've been once to the dinosaur museum you mentioned and it was wall to wall packed. I think the Gateway was less crowded for us than it was for you. It sounds like you've done some fun things.

The Allreds said...

WOW...did you really fit all of that into ONE week!?! Looks like the kids had fun! FREE tickets are the best! Glad you got to see some sun so it could FEEL like spring : ) Now it's the final stretch to wrap things up for a fun summer break ahead!!!

Nicole said...

You had a busy spring break! Your kids are very lucky.

TisforTonya said...

you rocked the Spring Break - and now I hope you're enjoying the quieter house!

(did he wear the Santa hat to school today?)

stephanie said...

It looks like a great spring break.
my kids think the children's museum is the best place ever.