Saturday, June 6, 2009

Young Love versus Old Love

Do you like my title? It's not super relevant but I'm all about attention getters.
Summer vacay has been rockin' so far. There is something to be said for not having to haul five children in a car every morning by 8:35.
We have yet to turn on the AC, go to the swimming pool or to change any bike tires (though we have to pump Ethan's at least three times daily--but pumping beats the patches any day!) so I'm feeling great about things.

We are blessed to live near several parks and elementary school playgrounds. This means we can pretty much visit one and be the only ones there. Strangely the last two visits to different playgrounds we had company. Not the normal company you would expect at a playground, i.e. children, but teen lovers! I guess there's no place to canoodle once they kick you out of the hallways of the high school so they've resorted to embracing on the oh-so-comfortable wood chips at the park.
I'm not about confronting hormone-crazed teens. What if they attacked me with their jewel encrusted cell phones?? Or worse, what if they thought I was an old lady who wasn't hip? So I quickly send my children to embarrass them out. Which they always do. Nothing like a toddler staring right at you wondering why you're hogging the slide to dampen the desire.

And on the subject of love.....Hub and I had our 11th anniversary. We celebrated courtesy of Redbox and frozen yogurt once the kids were in bed. We don't have to go on gondola rides in Venice to prove our love I tell you. Now that I think about it...maybe we should have gone to the playground. Nothing must be more romantic than monkey bars and a twisty slide. Those teens are onto something. Can't wait for #12 to try it out!


cold cocoa said...

I know...we've got the park pavilion lovers..making out on the picnic benches.
What a and Leon on the twisty slide. Better yet, how about doing the spider on the swings?

stephanie said...

so wierd, I thought I left a comment hours ago. I must have been distracted.
people making out anywhere is sick and wrong. However, I want to read next year on your blog that you and Leon went at it, at the park. Happy Anniversary!

and the bike fits Trey perfectly

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Happy Anniversary- you and Hub should TOTALLY go scare out the teenagers. Next time I'm up, I volunteer to babysit so that you can go!

LC said...

Eww. Teen love is so pathetic and disgusting.
Just last Fri there was an emo couple being gross next to the slide and the girl had her friend with her standing by WATCHING them smooch. I wanted to go up and ask if she was having a great time or what. But, yes...then I thought about the jewel encrusted cell phones (which they have to hold all the time because their jeans are so tight there's no putting anything in those pockets) I just stared at them smiling/cringing.
Thanks for letting me get that out.
Happy anniversary.

hOLLIANN said...

That's hilarious...we used to have those in the dorms...we referred to them as lounge lizards...long live reptiles I always say!

T Daley said...

You've gotta love people ,and their hormone-crazy teens!

T said...

We didn't used to have to go all the way to the park for that kind of show - but our across the street neighbors moved away while we were on vacation so my kids won't have to stay indoors whenever her bfriend's car pulls up!

The Peacock Family said...

Yeah! Who needs Venice when you have the local park. Way to send the kids in to break up a romantic kiss in the woodchips. If that was my kid necking in the woodchips I have to say I would kill them. Do they not know there is a time and place for everything. Like when you are a grown up. I hope you didnt recognize them. Yikes.

Sher said...

Megz, happy anniversary rather late. I remembered yesterday when I was remembering how huge I was at your wedding -- which I was remembering because of Connor's b-day. Happy b-day to Mitch also. I'm sure he's looking forward to a birthday hug from Aunt Sher:) We went to a park today and the young love was just showing up when we left. I was glad to be going -- the park I went to was NOT deserted. Kayli just informed me that "Larry" is outside. Apparently the robin has a name. See you!

big8smiley said...

Oh sick, I hate seeing teens going at it. Way to go - sick the toddlers on them! However, I do enjoy the thought of you and Leon trying to get cozy on the little donkey teeter totter! What's so fascinating about a playground anyway? You did the right thing. Redbox and frozen yogurt is fun and much more cozy!

The Allreds said...

Oh're too funny. I'd love to hear how your park anniversary outing would turn out : ) I'm sure you'd see so many ward friends you'd be to embarassed to even kiss : )
We found teen lovers at McDonalds. They were babysitting little siblings and once the kids got out to the playland they started in. I wished I had sat facing the opposite direction, eewwww!