Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of School

Don't they look miserable? They are very sad to have summer vacation. Even if they could have told you in February how many days they had left....
Isaac and Mitch had good teachers this year. They made thank-you notes for them and Mitch's made me laugh. It went like this:
Dear Linsey [her first name is Lindsay but I don't think she knew they were on a first name basis!] Your the best techer I ever had [he's in first grade. Don't let his kindergarten teacher get wind of this!] You are fun. Ill miss you. I hop you have a good class. Love, Mitchell

We had all sorts of end of year programs and fun. Below is Ethan. His preschool graduation was rather lofty. He had to say something about the French and Indian War and colonial soldiers. We had no idea what he was talking about, but he sounded smart.
Here is Syd proving that she can never say no to the trend of huge flowers on her head. Her blue tongue is medicine, not the purple popsicle you were going to accuse me of giving her.
And now we begin our summer plans. I have made a list of goals I would like to accomplish over the summer. On the list are things like learn a new language, teach all three boys the piano, become experts on the major wars, learn astronomy and identify the major composers of the Baroque period. On the more practical side I want them all to learn how to pump themselves on the swing, learn to jump rope past one jump, memorize the Articles of Faith and learn to love a vegetable. If we accomplish any of those things come August I will be a happy camper. But wouldn't it seriously be great if they became bilingual in a few months?


Heidi Ashworth said...

Your post title + the featured photo + your blog title = priceless.

stephanie said...

Isaac's face is actually believable. Maybe he has acting in his future.
Mitchell's letter is cute and I am glad he in not holding a grudge after being sent to skills so many times this year.
I didn't realize how much ethan looks like Leon and Sydney is a doll.
your summer goals sound fantastic!

I left Noelle out of the comments probably because I am secretly bitter towards her for being potty trained before Trey

LC said...

If Cannon becomes diabetic we'll know it's from all the popsicles and suckers his sisters give him. At least he doesn't have to wear big flowers on his head, just a constant string of slime coming from his nose.
You're posts are fun.

Good luck on all those noble summer goals.

cold cocoa said...

I've got my own lofty goals for summer. I didn't think of bilingual-ness though. You could just have a summer camp w/your new neighbors for that one though, can't you?

Nicole said...

I, too, have great aspirations for the summer. Hopefully I do better then I think I will. I'm great at planning, just not so great at following through.

big8smiley said...

LOL! Good luck on the lofty goals! I'm sure you'll complete the not-so-lofty ones. I had high hopes last summer and they were all dashed, so I decided that my goal this year is for us to play! We'll probably hit the library a few times too. We'll be the ones screaming through the aisles and jumping up and down on the couches.

T Daley said...

Tyler loves Sydney's bow!! She is into the whole bow thing right now. (So now I have to learn how to make them) She also wants that med that turns your tongue blue, she said it looks like it would taste good :) Poor girl has such bad allergies that she has to take this yucky clear stuff ,so BLUE must taste better

Love the summer goals! I have tried to get Tyler to love or even like veggies, but have had NO luck, so if you can get your kids to do it I will send her over. Brayden is just the opposite he will only eat veggies. (I have to fight him to eat meat, crazy kid)

The Allreds said...

they can come learn Spanish with James, he has to teach that next fall!
I was really happy to see someone was sad school was ending...I'm sure my students went away with those faces too, NOT!
hey, how about add a trip to your goal list, we'd LOVE to see you all!

hOLLIANN said...

You inspire me with your list...not enough to make one for myself, but enough to adorn you with a tiara, call you the queen, and encourage you!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Syd is gorgeous! Great pics...I'm missing all of you guys so much!