Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wada Wada bing bang

I am so not sure what inspired me to do that title.

Anywho, we have been up to a whole lot of nothing to write home about, but here goes anyway:

Mitch had his 7th Birthday. He's looking pretty darn cool, I know. He is sporting his new muscle-T outfit courtesy of Grandma C. My kids love their muscle-Ts. Probably because they are banned from the school dress code so they feel a little rebellious wearing them.
Mitch was an atypical B-day boy. He definitely did not want to be singled out by not having to do any chores and was the first to volunteer to clean the basement. Naturally the next day he went back to not wanting to do any work, but it was nice while it lasted. He also chose baked potatoes as a Birthday dinner. He's a good kid and we were happy to celebrate him on his day.

On another note--Sydney has graduated from sleeping in her carseat to sleeping in a playpen. The graduation to a crib will come when it is not being currently occupied by Noelle.
Syd had been starting to scrunch down so much in the carseat that I was afraid we would have large chiropractor bills soon. The top picture is just of a sleeping baby on a couch. Who can resist a picture of a sleeping baby? Obviously not I.Does everyone else use towels as a 'ramp' for baby? Or just us?

We've also been kindof grateful for the rainy weather which cancels baseball games and leaves more time to build forts inside. Hub built this fort that actually stays up and allows the children to all be in it together. My forts tend to consist of one blanket and a chair and if you move a muscle it's over.
Last photo of the post is Noelle. She is the fun stage of not knowing what it means to 'smile' for a picture. She knows you are supposed to do something to your face and this is the end result.


big8smiley said...

Sydney is such a pretty baby! I can't believe how big she is getting. :) Your summer sounds a lot like ours - days and days of kids just doing whatever and it all seems to roll into one big memory of "what the heck did we do all sumemr?" As long as the kids are having fun, that's ok with me! That really is a sweet fort. You ought to celebrate Leon this Sunday just for that - for giving you hours of kid-free time.

cold cocoa said...

Ha haha! I love it. Russell is the one in our house who gets out the wood panels from storage to make the coolest forts ever. Mine are chairs, and one blanket.
Oh Mitch, Oh Mitch. That shirt.....not gonna get any girls with that shirt honey. And baked potatoes?
You should have put a picture of all the stuff Sydney was sleeping on in her carseat. And the imprints of car wheels in her back.

T said...

I've never been much of a cool mom when it comes to forts - I try and try to not care that my couches are being dismantled and cushions being dragged up and down stairs - but... I just can't seem to contain my groans :)

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Great pics...hope you're having a great summer!

The Allreds said...

Happy belated Mitch. And wow...those muscles. Cute baby Sydney, I'm suring missing getting to know her! Noelle's smile is just perfect! Enjoyed this fun post!

stephanie said...

happy birhtday to mitch!

One of my fondest memories of childhood was the self made tents!

Noelle has three great examples of how to pose for the camera. She has learned from the best

T Daley said...

Your kids are too cute! I love the fort. Nothing screams rainy weather like a homemade indoor fort. Looks like the hub had a few rainy days when he was a kid, that is one killer fort!

hOLLIANN said...

Ahhh...who doesn't love a good fort? Beats baseball anytime...as for the muscle shirts...I make my boys slip in a t shirt first - you know "modesty"...but pee on rocks outside, that is okay...grrr!

Sher said...

Forts. I loved them as a child -- not so much now. Jake showed me proudly the humongous fort he improved the other day. I think Tyler and Travis helped make it when they were here Thursday. Ours are usually made under the ping pong table with extensions made by blankets. I can't help thinking that wooden baby cradle might fall off the ping pong table and bonk someone's head.

Anyhow happy birthday to Mitch and if you want another crib we have one but I just got rid of the mattress.

Anonymous said...

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