Monday, May 11, 2009

This, that, and the kitchen sink

Life has been truckin' along. Here are some highlights.

**Hershey Track and Field. I think I was more excited for Ike than he was. Probably because he didn't know what it was and because I had such fond memories racing as a youth. He crazily signed up for the two long runs and did very well, though after the 400 meter he seemed very surprised that his throat seemed to burn.
Ike's second from the left

*Sydney has turned into a smiley more pleasant baby. She sleeps a decent amount sometimes. She was blessed a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed having family and friends support her on the special day.
She has Thrush which means several daily doses of medicine. No matter what fruity flavor they stick in those bottles, my smart baby knows it's no good and I'm hoping enough is staying in her mouth.

*Teacher Appreciation It wouldn't be right for me to not share my artistic skills every May when I get to decorate a door at the school. This year we had the custodian. I received a very strange amount of pleasure at taping real garbage on the door.
*Mother's Day Hub and the kids picked and planted some flowers for our front walk. Again, that is a testament that I don't really have a landscaping vision. I figure that if they grow and are under the assignation of a 'flower' then they're good enough for me. Two days later they are all still alive except for the one that Noelle dug up this morning.
I received several "Happy Mother's Day!" shout outs from the kids. Noelle was a little confused and told me Happy Birthday a couple of times. Mitch had stayed up late to finish a Mother's Day booklet he'd started at school and Ike was very excited to try out his gift of a coaster decked out in the BYU logo.
I had the chance to actually think how grateful I was to be a mother. My kids are a great blessing to me and there's nothing I'd rather do than be their mom.

*Other stuff has happened too. But speaking of my lovely kids, one is throwing LEGOS in a huge tantrum right now so you'll just have to miss out while I gently admonish him.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Hee hee. Your kids are so cute!

stephanie said...

I can't believe you were able to get 5 kids to sit on the couch for a picture. That is pretty amazing!

I love the door!!

cold cocoa said...

I still can't figure out that sign on the door but I'm sure the custodians loved it.

I wish we could still do Hershey Track meets. My life lacks fun competition like that.

Megz said...

CC--if the kindergarteners walking by could read it, then what's wrong with you? Obviously the trio of brooms is a W and an M! And the ladder is a clever A!
Don't you dare knock my door! That could be funny if you wanted it to be.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Happy Mothers're an amazing mother. I wouldn't have half the energy or wit any of you guys do with one child. Hats off to you. Love you!

DKAZ said...

At first glance I thought the sign on the door was to your room as a strange Mother's Day sentiment to kinda works.

Cute kids!!! Where's a picture of their Mom on Moether's Day?

T said...

I like your sign :)

(and yes, I laughed at your "knock my door" comment)

trudihyer said...

Just thinking about that many young kids makes me tired. It's a good thing I was a little younger when I tackled new babies. You have way cute kids! UM, as far as the flowers go, I'm sure that many more little hands will dig up many more little flowers before the little hands all grow up. Hope you had a great Mom's Day!

Lady Di said...

I, like Noelle, found myself saying "Happy Birthday" to women in the ward---it just sounds so natural! I also made the mistake of, when a man said "Happy Mother's Day" to me, responding with "You too." I guess it is OK--I'm sure he is happy to have a wife and mother of his own. . .

hOLLIANN said...

Your artistic skills come through again! I can't wait until you publish your first art book!