Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Fun-ness

The other night I had some wakefulness after my 2 am bonding with Syd. I tried to force myself to sleep because it is such a rare resource but instead Britney Spears 'Circus' song kept on going through my head. Then I had to wonder how I knew most of the words to it.
Then I tried to think of some really great April Fools jokes for the next day. All I came up with was having the phone ring (gotta love having your cell phone call the home phone for authenticity!) and pretend the principal was calling asking Ike to take his job over for the day. Ike knew it was a joke and basically rolled his eyes at my fake phone conversation, but Mitch bought into it and then I felt mean when I had to tell him it wasn't real. The only other joke I came up with was saying there was a spider on Ethan's head. Pretty sad, I know. I shouldn't even try. This St. Patrick's day I dyed the mashed potatoes green and nobody would eat it because it looked like playdough.

On another note...having a baby is like the gift that keeps giving. Literally. It's awesome because she is 5 weeks old and gifts are still trickling in. Even an occasional dinner has been delivered. The wonderful gals in the YW gave me a surprise shower and I'm stocked with diapers for awhile (actually with Syd's energetic bowels I will be lucky if they last the week). The moral of the story is to have a baby and think about all the generous people you know while you are wide awake in the middle of the night.
Sydney wearing all her new hair flowers at once.


stephanie said...

I know where to go when Addie needs a new hair flower.
Addie bugged me all day to prank her and when I finally told her there was a spider in her hair. She cried and when I said "April fools" she told me that wasn't funny and I don't play right.

Heidi Ashworth said...

My mom had eight kids and she said that when she had a little one, it was like Christmas every morning. I have to agree. As long as it's not TOO early!

cold cocoa said...

I wasn't fun even though I had the family fun magazine with all their ideas! Luckily Anika and Isabelle funned me by using half a roll of toilet paper and putting it in my underwear drawer and pillow.

I have "womanizer" in my head. I catch myself singing it and then realize what I'm singing and feel embarrassed.

hOLLIANN said...

I picked the wrong day to give Jaxon a lesson lying...I don't think he will ever listen to that one again.

And I definitely think Sydney will be a girly girl...she looks completely enamored with those bows!

And one final thing...I can't believe you didn't post Leon's mass email where in he explained that you had given birth to an old man...that should be great for a family journal. She is very cute btw - no old man.

The Peacock Family said...

Oh look how cute she looks. How precious. I dont know the words to the circus song but my niece danced to womanizer in St George last weekend and I went down to watch her and they rehearsed a few times so thats the Brittney Spears song I have been singing lateley.

Laurie said...

What a doll.

I featured your teacher appreciation door over on Tip Junkie. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

The Allreds said...

What an ode to holidays...I would have eaten the green mashed potatoes for sure!
I liked the principal prank...I think if I was 8 I would have fallen for it and been really ecstatic!
I forgot to get your package bundled up and on it's way...thanks for the reminder : ) I had it BEFORE I moved, that would have been too smart to give it to you then. Probably since someone else packed my cold storage it was just stuffed into a box, it I would have seen it I might have been resourceful enough to wrap it on-the-spot and get it to you. Sorry Sydney! I need to hear about your teacher appreciation door. Did you take over for me in the 3rd grade class? Sorry I've let you down so much this year...carpool, etc. etc. Just blame James! I do ALOT!

T said...

Fun hair dealies!

Speaking of Gifts - the ones from me are still hanging in the closet - we'll bring them down for Easter (even though they'll be of no use until Christmas)

big8smiley said...

She is so cute! :) I come up with some interesting strings of thought on those middle of the night occasions. Maybe it's because of those nights that moms ar so creative.