Friday, April 17, 2009

Ethan turns 5 and some Easter pix

Spring break has been rockin' with all the rain, cold temps and Easter candy we've been eating. Fortunately we've been able to keep busy because we have a party to plan. Ethan's been waiting for this occasion for about, oh, 364 days. He's having a pirate party and here is some of the evidence of our craftiness:
Obviously you are viewing a cannonball pinata and some mini cannon balls. Maybe you can sew and scrapbook, but I can make an awesome balloon shaped pinata.

Ethan had Torticollis as a baby which made it look like he couldn't hold his head up straight. He had to go to a physical therapist and endure lots of exercises that made him cry. He also had to have an MRI and x-rays and other things that little babes shouldn't have. Now 5 years later his head is nearly straight:

Just kidding. We fixed him before his first Birthday. Unfortunately our digital library doesn't go back far enough to show how crooked he really looked.
Here are just a few random Ethan pictures to celebrate his life.

And here a few more pictures from Easter because that's what you do on blogs.

Don't tell Sydney but the stuffed bunny she got in her basket was actually a present given to her at her birth. This one looks like Isaac has Torticollis

Off to finish up a few more cannonballs. This party is going to rock.


stephanie said...

the cannon balls are awesome! WOW, Ethan is 5 and a handsome 5 year old as well. I hope he has a great b-day.

cold cocoa said...

I can't believe you have the courage to throw a big bday bash with a needy little baby hanging on bos.

Ethan is a sweetie. I'm glad his head hangs straight now. You shouldn't have him put his head like that ever again, even for pictures. It makes me nervous! Just like crossing might stay that way!

big8smiley said...

I only wish that I could make cannonball pinatas! I don't scrapbook or sew either. I love the Ethan pics! He is such a cute little boy!

The Allreds said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! I remember when we moved in and he was in a carseat. Now those were the days! He is such a sweetheart. HOpe he has the BEST of parties! Can't wait to see the action shots!

T said...

when we moved to Washington the boys got bunnies in their basket... but if you look back in the scrapbooks (which are not as cool as your cannonballs) you will see that those same bunnies made an appearance the year prior - I love when kids are little enough to be excited all over again!

(they also got some trucks for their birthdays that were recycled Christmas presents that year...)

Happy Birthday Ethan!

LC said...

Wow on the pinata skills. Just learn to dance the macarena and you'll be totally ready for cinco de mayo.

Denise said...

WOW! You are certainly Talented MEgan. That canon Ball looks amazing! ;) Oh and baby Sydney is getting so big. She is a cutie!

Lady Di said...

My computer takes so long loading the pictures, that as I scrolled down all I could see was halo after halo of fuzzy blond Ethan hair. I love it!