Monday, March 23, 2009

Cannot think of a clever title

My computer has been getting dusty lately. Remember the days when I actually used it daily? When I had two hands to type? (Truth be told, it was dusty when I used it daily too but that's not something I'd like to share. oops, just did)
Here's our update:
**Noelle has/had a horrendous cold that leaves her unable to make any noises other than "uhhhh" and "wanna watch Elmo". That doesn't seem very bad but say those two things with an incredibly pathetic whine that crescendos if you don't immediately respond and your nerves will start grating. Trust me.
**Syd seems to have been gifted with Noelle's cold and manifests it in gagging mucous and interrupted sleep habits. Lovin' it, I tell you.
** Went to register Ethan for Kindergarten and cannot find any of the kids' birth certificates. If you came to my house and stole them to sell on the black market please let me know so I can stop looking for them. Seriously. Where the heck could they be??
**Noelle is actually potty trained. After those first few days of He$$ she finally mastered that bladder and made her parents happy. (Sadly whatever money we would have saved on diapers has been negated by the incredible amount that Sydney goes through)
**We have new neighbors that seem nice. As evidenced by the fact they gave Hub a can of Sprite for helping them move in. There is a language barrier but I always wanted to learn Spanish so here's my chance!
**Sher gave me a ticket to the local scholarship pageant (it's not PC to call it a beauty pageant) and I actually went and tried not to think about leaving Hub home with 5 ornery kids. I only called home twice in an hour and a half!
**Dang. I really want to think of one more good thing....does it count that I'm excited we are just having a video night for FHE?


Nicole said...

Isn't life fun. Sydney is getting big and she is so cute. It is too bad she caught Noelle's cold. I hope they start feeling better soon.

T Daley said...

You have the cutest kids ever!!!You have probably heard this a thousand times but, one day you will miss this. (Babies waking up throughout the night, the joy of one mastering potty training, giving you hope that the next one will someday too, and then the whole only having one arm free because you are always carrying someone around all the time thing. ) yes I know it sounds CRAZY that you could possibly miss this. But you WILL. So all I can say for now is ENJOY!!!!! And call me if you need help. (Because I miss it)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Um, sorry T but my youngest is 7 and I don't miss one bit of the waking up at night thing. No sirree bob! But I'm liking the idea of the video night for FHE. Might have to steal that idea . . .

The Allreds said...

Ok...don't even start talking about the NEW neighbors next door. I don't think my eyes can handle such type!! ugh! PLEASE don't send pictures I don't think I can handle that one, especially if you've seen my latest blog post!
Sorry about the colds, at least you're at home to tend them. (just in case you wanted to look at the bright side)Garrett had to go to school with James once this week since he had a cold. Oh the joys, NOT!
Hope you get some sleep soon and find those birth certificates...luckily ours surfaced quickly when we arrived as I had to register the kids THAT day, after getting here at 1am. I know you feel my pain (lost birth certificates)! I feel yours too...check under your bed in the metal box, or in your up-to-date scrapbooks, or in the new office drawer that wasn't there last year so you aren't thinking to look there, OR maybe filed in your recipes under B!?!! good luck!

big8smiley said...

CRAZINESS! It sounds like just one thing after another! Give it a week and you can send them ALL outside and just keep baby Sydney for yourself in the house. :) Congratulations on the potty training! I'm so jealous. Alex just keeps taking her diaper off and we find her running through the house naked. NOT cool.

T said...

can I admit that Q & I got home around 7:00 and thus FHE became dinner and watching Heroes together.

I can't imagine "missing" the late nights and potty training - bring on Kindergarten, even if it does mean the trauma of more shots and finding those darn Birth Certificates (I THINK I know where mine are...)

cold cocoa said...

how about a title that goes something like this.."I REALLY need a mountain dew". cause honey, you be playing it down and all that, but I can feel the tension and stress from clear over here. I feel mega(n) (haha) stress about the birth certificates for you. It's just one of those well, important items that us US citizens need. Let me know when you find them.

stephanie said...

just reading your side bar and you claim that you have four brilliant offspring. which one isn't?

That stinks that the girls are sick. But so exciting that Noelle is potty trained!

hOLLIANN said...

Sounds all good in the hood...what is up with all the sickness though. We were doing so good and then sha-ZAM!

Sher said...

Ah, I was going to call and ask about the potty training today. I'm so proud of you and her for getting that one done. I started today. So far my only success is that Dan declared "I love big boy pants". He apparently loves to change them often too. I hope the colds get better and I really HATE losing important things -- it's distressing -- so I hope you find those birth certificates very soon.

LC said...

Sydney is so tiny and adorable I just want to hold her so you can go take a nap.