Thursday, December 4, 2008

We never waste a minute here at our house. Since there is no snow on the ground we decided to still pretend like it was summer and do summer things like take the training wheels off Ethan's bike. He was trying to do crazy things like pop wheelies and go off ramps and that just doesn't work when you have those two extra wheels hampering you, so it was high time he learned.
We went to the track where there was lots of room to steer and no cars to compete with. He loves feeling like a big kid.

We also decided it was time that Noelle learn some more important skills in life. So we taught her how to show her muscles. This is a rite of passage for all children. She is very good at it and does it with sound effects to boot. Sorry those grunts are not included.

As for the older two boys...Ike talked himself into believing in Santa for yet another year (so far) because, as he put it, "There is no way mom and dad would buy us that many presents!" So true, dear. And after another session of helping in Mitch's 1st grade class I am shocked at how much all the little girls love him. They want to sit by him and talk to him and play with him at recess. Maybe little first grade girls find hyper, loud, goofy boys very attractive. I think he's cute and all, but heck, I'm his mom.

What else? Hub finally finished putting up the Christmas lights. At ten o'clock at night. With his headlamp on. I tell you if your hubby doesn't have one of those put it on his Christmas list. Hub has accomplished lots of outside work after dark because of that handy tool.
We also had our PC crash and die. May it rest in peace. It no longer connects to the internet and so what is the point of existing, I ask you? Good thing I have a really old laptop to blog on. And That's All Folks.


T said...

thank goodness for the laptop! Q already has a head lamp (there's a shocker!) but alas, he seems to think that climbing on the roof in the dark might be a hazard... wimp :)

cold cocoa said...

Russell loves his head lamp, too. He climbed up in the attic with it.

So funny about Isaac and his frugal parents. He should forever be convinced of good ol' St. Nick then!

If I was in 1st grade I would totally have a crush on Mitch. It was always the little cute blond boys. And hyper just makes them more fun to chase. Well, if they play kissing tag these days...I just went back for a minute there to my blissful youth.

trudihyer said...

Hey, I can see why the girls are after Mitch, all your boys are cute. Your blog is great, it will be fun to follow it.

stephanie said...

I hate to confirm it, but Mitch is a handsome little devil. I am glad Ike is still believing. CHristmas is the best when they all still believe.
How much is Noelle bench pressing these days?

Denise said...

Megan you are so Funny!!!

The Allreds said...

Such excitement at your house! Ethan beat Garrett with the training wheels, but what's new with this household of scardie-cats!?!?
I was glad to hear the weather will be nice this weekend so we can FINALLY get the rest of our house lights on the roof : ) That's just something I'm not going to tackle myself.
I didn't know body-building started at age 2, but you go Noelle! You could teach me some moves!

LC said...

Where is the snow? Will it show itself for Christmas?
I must say I'm surprised about how many people in the fam. own head lamps? BD is not one of them but he has rec. specs. How's that for cool.

Sher said...

Derek doesn't have a headlamp. I didn't know it was such a cool thing. Where does one get such a thing? Of course Isaac still believes. Santa is real right?

Sher said...

Derek doesn't have a headlamp. I didn't know it was such a cool thing. Where does one get such a thing? Of course Isaac still believes. Santa is real right?

hOLLIANN said...

My enjoyment comes at not putting up Christmas lights, and driving by the day after Christmas, and telling people, "Hey, mine are already down!"

big8smiley said...

Hooray for Ethan! I forgot about going to the track to train. I need to do that with Nathan. I also need to get Jeremy a head lamp. I also need to teach Alexandra to flex. I also need to make sure Athena believes in Santa for just a couple of year. Argh! I can't keep up!

I love that Isaac doesn't believe you would buy him all those gifts. He must have really thought through that one. His wheels are turning! Is there something you don't know about?