Friday, December 19, 2008

My Gift to You

I hate the cold weather. I hate having to bundle everybody up and then try not to lose any of the layers. I hate tracking snow and dirty slushy yucky stuff into houses. I hate getting in a cold bed. But Christmas time is not about me telling you my hates. It's about me sharing my coping mechanisms with you. So here you are and you may thank me later.
First, buy yourself this for your bed:It is a mattress cover warmer thingie! Like an electric blanket, but cooler because you can't see it. It warms your whole bed. I seriously turn it on at 3 pm so it will be nice and toasty hours later. (Can you tell how I really look forward to bedtime?)

Then I warm up the classic corn bag in the microwave and toss it in my bed. Two minutes and it's hot enough to fry you and make your bed smell a little like burnt popcorn. Who doesn't love that? (So Hub is a little tired of the burnt popcorn smell, but that's just cause it makes him hungry)

And finally the traditional cup of hot chocolate. Warmed in the microwave for a perfect 90 seconds. You shouldn't be able to gulp it. That means it's not hot enough. Hot chocolate is for sipping only. And as soon as Stephen's Gourmet Mint Truffle goes on a better sale I will be in heaven literally.

These three elements, a book (in addition to your scripture study and journal writing of course), and you are now a happy camper. Of course, about 20 minutes later you are throwing covers off and sweating a bit, but that is all part of the experience. Merry Christmas!

And as a bonus, here are the kiddies in front of the tree. Sending out Christmas cards is about #451 on the list right now and we're only on #2 (finish shopping already), so this may be the closest thing you get. Ciao.


big8smiley said...

What a super cute picture of your kids!

I share all those cold weather woes. I'll take a hot summer day ANYTIME! I have to laugh about the corn bag because I have a hot bean bag and it makes our bed smell like beans. I finally had to stop using it because I got tired of waking up smelling like beans!

cold cocoa said...

looks like Noelle is taking smile lessons from Mitch!

I didn't know you would use an electric mattress. Wow, that sounds a bit wild.

And now that you're 19 months prego doesn't a cup of cocoa before bedtime cause more problems than not?

stephanie said...

Good tips! Probaly is better than throwing off the sheets and putting them in the dryer for a couple of minutes.
Mint truffle hot cocoa is the BEST!
I love Noelle's smile!

LC said...

I'd be up all night if I drank hot cocoa before bed--for a couple reasons but it does sound nice--how bout that new peanut butter flavor? anyone tried it yet?.
Our best investment--FLANNEL SHEETS.
They are a little too cozy however because it sure is hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Sher said...

Wow, I think I'll head to bed right now you made it sound so nice. I quit using the corn bag because I got tired of the burnt popcorn smell. I put my cold feet on Derek to warm them up. Thanks for the picture of the kids too. At least you are organized enough to have one of all of them together! That's great.

Denise said...

That mattress warmer looks so Cool! I am going to have to get one. I loved our electric blanket on our old bed but hated the feel of it.

Oh and you gotta love those bean bag thingies. Stink something Terrible but work like a charm.


T said...

we now have a rice bag... and I'm sure that someday it will smell like burnt rice, but for now it's working like a charm!

I finally convinced Q that Flannel sheets will save him from my cold toes. I also have the special "cozy" blanket that is only on my side of the bed... I wake up sweating at 1 a.m. - but OH how I love those first few hours of blissful warmth!

and hey - if people wanted me to send Christmas Cards they REALLY should have forced me into a picture taking mood months ago... too late folks - Q has even decided that maybe a holiday Blog post will be sufficient!

hOLLIANN said...

I am dying to get the funny Christmas letter...are you saying I won't get it until Valentine's? Those people that send out Valentine's Cards...

Heidi Ashworth said...

Bless your heart! I love the mattress warmer idea--I despise sliding into cold sheets! It really yanks my chain. What cute kiddies!

The Allreds said...

I didn't know you had so many procedures to keep the cold away. I should have read this earlier, I've gone to bed frozen most nights lately!
Love the Christmas shot of the kids...if you want to be in one just give me a ring and I'll RETURN the favor : )
Merry Christmas!