Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lots of Stuff

We are very fun folks so we went to the zoo to spice up our spring break. Isaac wore shorts because the sun had come out and he mistakenly equated that with heat. No amount of motherly advice could change his mind, so he learned a lesson from the school of hard knocks. We all shivered for the first hour, but it warmed up enough for us to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Hub with Cheesy Ethan and Ike on the train.

Noelle and I had a lot of snacks to keep us going. She boycotted her stroller a lot and then would run like a drunken baby to escape me. She's at that fun age.

This week has also been busy as we have been getting ready for my parent's return from their mission to Cambodia. This meant lots of cleaning and making their house look like we hadn't had lots of family parties in it while they were gone. I also had to return a few DVDs that we've had for oh, about 18 months. We made a lovely sign to hang up on the garage, only to have the wind tear it down a few hours later before it was even viewed. So here's the proof that it was up and yes, that is Mitch's belly:

Last night Erin and I and Sammy drove to the airport to bring them home. It was very exciting to see them again. And nothing has changed---Mom immediately offered to buy us some food on the way home. It's good to have them back!


cold cocoa said...

Good thing I used Natural Glow for that picture alone next to the Cambodian Natives.

You pulled off a fun Spring Break. Good job. I love the train ride. Definitely the funnest part of the zoo! You really should try Red Butte Gardens with the fam for your next day trip.

Holliann said...

I wish I had some of those Christensen genes to make me look that good after having a baby - maybe in the next life. For now I will just keep to my diet (candy diet that is).

T said...

that's quite a week - thanks for cleaning up after our many wild and crazy parties :)

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

So fun....glad the parents are home. Will they buy ME food? My parents are out on that kind of thing.

Sher said...

Spring break for me meant I didn't get to use the computer much. For you it must have been just the diversion you needed -- and I enjoyed reading them all on Saturday. Our zoo trip was like a visit to the arctic. We liked the alligator since they kept that area 80 degrees. Nice pics.

LC said...

Amen to wearing shorts! If we wear them...spring will come...isn't that how it works?
What an exciting week!

DKAZ said...

Hey, I think we'll be all het up in your neck of the woods this week. Comin' up to see the parentals. Maybe we could hang out and have my kids clean your house for a change? Glad you're mom and dad are I see a future Bro and Sis Missionary for you and Leo one have your mom's smile.

T said...

Maryn finally believes they are back because she saw the picture! thanks for giving us some solid proof as she can't just take my word for it!