Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Day 2 of spring break. The kids are loving every minute.

We've done some cleaning,

some spiritual reading,

worked on our tans,

and made lovely music together.

But we're not bitter. After all, if we all went to Disneyland then who would be left to watch your pets?


cold cocoa said...

That's funny. The snow didn't stick at our house though. Spring break does make kids wild! Our girls are so spazzy! Now I know what it's like to be you. It's nice Anika left the social grumpies at school. That's what I like about break.

Megz said...

Note to Summer: I hope it's OK to take a picture of your bird without asking you. Maybe she'll get discovered and be a cover model for pet mags. And we really don't mind watching your pets. Nothing easier than taking care of a bird and a fish for a few days--just when their cage/bowl starts to get smelly the owners return!

Holliann said...

I love spring break so much! A break from the car pool. I have thought long and hard about home school, solely for the fact that I HATE to car pool. I did however come to my senses and realize that PE all day won't even get my kids into community college these days. Oh well...back to the car pool!

DKAZ said...

Yeah, the snow didn't stick at our house either...oh wait, we don't get snow! Oh yeah, we are doing swimming lessons right now! If you're going to put "gone wild" in your title, then let's see something "WILD". Like, cleaning toilets or something. Enjoy the rest of your week!

T said...

yeah... feelin' awful about that snow... of course, we only get two days off here because some brilliant plan had us taking Spring Break when it was still technically Winter.
and watching a bird and a fish is more "pet viewing" than "pet sitting", remind me sometime to tell you about our neighbors with cats, bulldogs, birds, and about a zillion cockroaches... (too bad I didn't have a blog back then)

LC said...

Is that snow for real?
We only had some ferocious wind.
Our spring break was when Cannon was born and we were the only ones home in our neighborhood. Someone's got to keep on eye on things.

The Allreds said...

Sorry about the pet sitting...I know I need to make MORE friends so I don't have to ask you guys all the time. But then you wouldn't get the fun souveniers (sp?)!