Saturday, September 12, 2009

Title Schmitle

I hate to deprive anybody of the fascinating aspects of our life so I'm going to cram it all in. Put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride.

Life has been busy with soccer. It's so fun to watch kids run around and fall down and kick the ball the wrong way. Hub is coaching again this year which has its pros and cons. Pro being he's getting home from work earlier. Con being I have to watch the other kids during the games and that really cramps my self appointed sideline coaching job.

I cannot take action pix while holding a babe and yelling at my kid to kick it harder, so here's Ethan standing there

and here's a picture of Mitch standing there doing body inventory

Moving on....An exciting day occurred when I took Noelle and Syd to get their beauty shots at the oh-so-cheap Target Portrait Studio.

See how cheesy and happy Noelle can be when getting her picture taken?Well, that same girl didn't come to the picture party. She buried her head on the chair in the waiting room and sobbed that she didn't want to have her picture taken. And she absolutely refused to even go in the studio. Good thing she has a couple of older bros who taught me that difficult children were my lot in life, so I just said whatevs, no treat for you.

After that success story it was Sydney's turn! Syd was feeling very thoughtful and preferred solemn poses no matter how ridiculous the photographer and I acted, so again I just said whatevs, at least you sat there.

Speaking of Syd, does the above outfit bother you? Hub told me it was definitely a stay-at-home-never-leave-the-house-in-this kindof outfit. And Ike says it makes him think of cupcakes.

Moving on, yet again.....we had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Fireworks, family baptisms, parades, family dinners and fun and a big BYU win made life seem wonderful.
Then Mitch threw a big fat weird tantrum going back to school because he thought he swallowed his permanent tooth while eating oatmeal. I know, what the?! And I was just so desperate to get him to stop crying and get out of the car and get in the school that I started throwing out bribes and we were doing this negotiation thing through his sobs. Guess what I owe him for finally going to class that morning? A whole package of oreos. He knew how desperate I was and he drove a hard bargain. At least give me props for confessing my awesome parenting skills in times of duress.

Moving on....we ended the week with a fun trip to Lagoon. We hadn't been this year and the kids were crying in their sleep for bumper cars, sky rides and roller coasters. Favorite Uncle R scrounged up some freebies and we got to go with them. Now there is somebody deserving of a whole package of oreos....



cold cocoa said...

Wow, nice blog.
so russell was excited he got a mention.
now is mitchie really holding his privs or is that his belly button?
how scary it must have been for that poor boy to think he swallowed his tooth! not to mention gross.
don't fret about the pictures. Just like I did for a while- you gotta snap them when they're at their natural happiness. Dress em up and throw them in the sandbox!

stephanie said...

what made him think he swallowed his tooth??
Looks like your kids had fun at Lagoon. Totally jealous that Noelle looked like she was having fun.
Trey has taught me the joys of picture taking.. so I feel like I can relate.

The Allreds said...

whew...lots going on. when you mentioned the bribes I figured there'd be a long list so I was happy to read a BAG of OREOS was all you needed to buy!
I bet you're hoarse after cheering for 3 soccer players! Garrett opted out, James can't coach so he didn't want to participate : (
We'll miss an updated photo of Noelle but hopefully get a nice one of Sydney : )
great reading about your excitements!

DKAZ said...

Sounds like a personal problem with little Mitch...swallowing teeth really probably translates into being the one who's ignored. Oh well-he'll grow out of it I'm sure. Looks like the girls aren't the camera lovers like their Mama. I guess I won't get any pleas from you to vote for your baby in the Payson's cutest baby contest now-shucksee.

Michelle said...

Don't tell my kids about Lagoon, or I'll have to come up with a whole lot more than a bag of oreos to appease them. Glad you had fun.

Tippettsfam said...

i love your posts megan!

big8smiley said...

LOL! I just have to laugh about this post. It is so typical mom and it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy that we don't have to suffer in silence, but we have blogs to share!

I can't believe he gets a WHOLE package of oreos! Thank goodness he has that extra tooth in his belly to help them all work through.

LC said...

About the outfit--Your hub has pretty good fashion sense so I would trust his opinion.
Luckily, I didn't give you that one--I went with a safer baby gift option: books. I hope they've provided many quiet cuddly reading moments!
Way to sum up your September! Your posts are always so entertaining.

hOLLIANN said...

I am so out of it! I have missed everything! I had no idea how crazy life is when you get kids in actual school (after kindergarten)! Very funny post btw!