Friday, September 25, 2009


Pop quiz!

Question#1. Who gets a new pair of shoes every couple of months?

a. Me because I deserve them

b. Hub because he deserves them

c. Ike because he doesn't deserve them

Question #2. Who gets their new shoes from places that don't end in '-Mart' or '-arget' or '-ayless'?

a. Me because they don't sell Jimmy Choos at Payless.

b. Hub because WalMart doesn't carry Tevas.

c. Ike because he has Carnivore Feet that eat away cheaper shoes just by stepping into them.

If you answered C to both questions you are a genius.

Seriously. Look at these harmless feet:

He knew it was abnormal for me to take a picture of his feet so he's curling his toes in modesty

How could those beauties do such damage?? He doesn't even get a chance to outgrow his shoes before he has worn through the soles. The shortest lifespan was 5 weeks for a pair from Target. Sure the kid is active, but it's not like he's running marathons at recess is it? He's not rock climbing during PE is he? How the heck do his shoes get ruined so quickly? Maybe he puts them in the shredder.
This week he came home and showed me a flapping sole and a toe sticking out of the bottom of his shoe. I was busy this week! I didn't have time for an emergency trip to the Big City to buy him some fancy new shoes. Wear your Sunday shoes, I begged. No go. Wear those flip flops you never wear because you can't really run in them, I begged. No go. Wear your cleats and do some real damage during recess, I begged. No go.
I had to buy us some time before we could take him shoe shopping. So Hub used some glue and tried to glue the flapping pieces and I put duct tape over the hole. Don't judge us. Didn't you have to wear bread bags over your shoes in winter? (or was that just my older brothers?) Heck, your grandparents were probably feeling lucky to even own a pair of shoes. So what if my kid was wearing duct taped, glue spotted shoes?
Sadly, the duct tape wasn't up to MacGyver's standards and Ike came home with even a bigger hole. There was no fighting it; he needed new shoes before he wore holes through all his socks. Precious time was sacrificed and Hub went to several shoe stores on the way home from work to find the perfect pair of shoes that fit the criteria of athletic, on sale, and not too flashy (Ike is particular).
I try not to be jealous. But I can't really justify buying a new pair of shoes for me as frequently as Ike gets a new pair. Maybe if I started putting my own shoes in the shredder?


stephanie said...

Wow! I thought Addie was hard on shoes.
Does he pick up his feet when he walks?
The sacks over shoes sounds very familiar. Although, I don't think I had to do that. Unless I am blocking it out because it was too traumatic.

T Daley said...

I feel your pain! Brayden too has shoe problems. I don't think a pair of shoes last him longer than 4-5 months TOPS, and that is if we are VERY lucky! What to do... What to do?

T said...

I couldn't figure out why the front of all one kids' shoes were getting trashed Immediately after purchase until I watched them riding bikes... said feet were peddling - and then when coasting the child would put their toes down, effectively sanding off the front of the shoe... ugh

Heidi Ashworth said...

Seriously, kids ruin everything. hee hee I have modest toes, too. I rarely expose them. This makes swimming difficult but since I have trouble exposing cleavage and upper thighs, as well, it doesn't happen except under cover of darkness anyway.

cold cocoa said...

I thought he already got fancy shoes from Kohl's?
It is always a shame when the people that don't salivate or get excited about new clothes/shoes end up getting the goods. It is true though- the clothes/shoes that have actually been passable down from sib to sib have been the better brands! It's worth the $$!

LC said...

Sheesh. What is Ike doing?! My toes would curly up for joy if I got a new pair of shoes--not likely for Ike.
It is A in our fam. who always LOSES shoes. She leaves them at neighbors, parks, etc. More likely it's our red dirt that sucks them down into oblivion.

hOLLIANN said...

Sign up for deals through email. I get my kids Nike Shox every year for $20.00 a pair. I also watch Nordstom online and Puma online. I can occasionally get a pair of pumas or NB for around the same price...

The Allreds said...

maybe there are rats in his classroom?!? i've never heard of children going through shoes so fast! I got a new pair of tennies at the beginning of summer and the thought came today...I wonder if they'll last 'til the end of the school year!? I might have the Ike syndrome!!