Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Vacay without the fun ones

In the span of four days this is what I did: I swept and sprayed out the garage (Ethan's favorite game is putting things behind the car tires so we run over them. Mostly harmless stuff like apples and sidewalk chalk. Harmless, but messy) I cleaned out the wastebaskets. I updated all the scrapbooks. I never made dinner. I only turned on the dishwasher once. I had company over until midnight (so what if it was my sisters?) I did my visiting teaching. I returned two pair of shoes. I went to a baby shower. I registered my kids for school. I got mad at Noelle for stealing candy from the checkout stand at Walmart. I got mad at her again for stuffing a check minus its envelope into the mailbox. I watched The Today Show. I went on walks and only had to fill one water bottle.
All of this happened while my men were doing this:

Yes, I gallantly volunteered to stay home from Lake Powell this year with the two little girls. This meant that everyone on the houseboat could be loud during naptime and there were no toddler tantrums to listen to. Win-Win for us all. Not to mention how much extra packing room there is when you take out all the baby stuff. I felt sad about missing the good times, but I felt really good about missing the bad times with a baby on a hot, overly-populated houseboat. And did you see how much I got done? And that I didn't have to make dinner? (I just gave Noelle her multivitamins and called it good)

And in other news....this here is a picture of our silverware drawer. Ethan was just itching to play and emptied the diswhasher extra quickly this morning.
Me (upon opening the drawer): Ethan, what the heck is this about?
Ethan (in his best 'duh' voice): I empty a lot faster when I do it that way.

Gotta love 'im.


cold cocoa said...

Ethan is a sweetie.
Glad everyone is back whole.
Wow- I didn't know you ventured so far as to clean out the wastebaskets! I actually didn't think we need to clean those. And I really wouldn't mind watching the today show to start the day instead of Clifford. Seriously- what a contrast, huh? Bet it's been a hard week getting back to it..

stephanie said...

hey that is what our silverware drawer looks like.
I am glad the boys had a good time and that you got to have a late night with the girls

T Daley said...

Your boys owe you BIG time!

Isn’t it funny how boys do their chores? It's all about getting to play. I think you will find your girls a little more reliable. And it sounds like you made out like a bandit, The Today show. Such luxury!

hOLLIANN said...

Having been to LP with little ones, I think it is that you miss your family, but not the trip itself...HOT...CROWDED...and you missed...GROUCHY.

Now I have to go and take a nap because reading your list of items you did made ME tired!

You are a lovely lady...bring the kiddos down next week for a barbecue? Yes?

The Allreds said...

oh my heck...Ethan would be OFF duty in my house in a hurry. He'd know how to play the game and get off scott-free. Glad you accomplished so much, that's pretty amazing! now if you're ever in the mood to decorate a bulletin board, head my way...I could use your energy : )

big8smiley said...

What a sweet vacation for YOU! With all you accomplished, and not even having to make meals, I'd say it was definitely worth it! What will be your excuse next year? :)

Lady Di said...

You always (unintentionally) make me feel guilty about being 8 years behind on my scrapbook. That is the LAST thing I would do if I had all that time to myself...unless I was watching a chick flick at the same time, maybe. Is that the secret? The Bachelorette and some glue stick?

T said...

I think the silverware drawer looks just fine that way... I mean really, you're just going to take them out again right??? (okay, you know me, I'd have to line them all up according to size, color, and date of purchase - nothing OCD here...)

glad you enjoyed your non-vacation, that's my favorite kind... too bad my little girls are getting old enough to go along all the time now 'eh?