Monday, July 27, 2009

Audience participation

Raise your hand if you couldn't really say why you've been too busy to blog but then you downloaded your pictures and remembered where summer has gone.

Raise your hand if you had a blast wearing the same t-shirts with 60 other members of your immediate family. Raise your hand if you had to play in the water lots so you didn't die of heat stroke.

Raise your hand if all those members in your family got to make their own race car (that's our favorite palindrome) a la Pinewood Derby and we still can't stop talking about it.
Raise your hand if you had three kids enrolled in swimming lessons

Raise your hand if your 7-year-old has really great smoochie lips

Raise your hand if your 2-year-old thought that watching older brothers swim at the pool was worth a lot of snacks

Raise your hand if your 8-year-old had to celebrate his 9th Birthday early since he'll be at Lake Powell on the actual day.
You may also raise your hand if you now know where the 7-year-old learned to pose for pictures with smoochie lips.


cold cocoa said...

Isn't that how Leon poses? With his signature kissy-face?
How come you didn't post about how sharing snacks with cousins shared the love of handfootmouth disease?

stephanie said...

love the race cars! You look like you have been extremely busy. I am sad summer is going so fast

T said...

I was able to raise my hand a surprising number of times for that one... H has some nice smoochie lips too :)

and HELLO, what's this I hear about cousins and handfootmouth disease????? or maybe I don't want to know!

T Daley said...

I love summer! They just seem to go so fast. Those look like some killer race cars,and WOW you have a BIG family.(jealous)

The Allreds said...

I won't show Sara the smoochie lips or she may just fall in love on the spot! that looked like a beautiful pool for swimming lessons! And...Isaac Happy Belated Birthday, sorry we didn't dress up in our pjs for a photo card, there's nowhere in our house suitable for picture taking at the moment : ) My eyes are going bugaboo...I'm NOT used to late nights and days that are soooo busy! good to see your summer photos! can you believe school is staring us in the face???

big8smiley said...

You got some sweet summer pictures! You'll have to be sure and show those lips to his dates. :)


hOLLIANN said...

That is quite the raising hands summer...and those are quite impressive smoochie lips...I pray my boys don't learn those for many years to come...I guess I don't mind if they learn them, maybe I just don't want them to use them for know, on girls!

DKAZ said...

100% -well except for the 8 year old thing. And I think I get bonus point because here people actually do die of heat stroke!

Thanks for the fun activity.

LC said...

Matching BYU shirts on cousins? Did I miss a reunion? We could have a lot of fun with that reunion theme.