Friday, November 21, 2008

My secret fashionista

I knew the time would come. I just didn't expect it to come so soon and to come from the mouth of my 8-year-old boy whose sense of fashion usually means mixing and matching hoodies with athletic pants.
The conversation Wed. morning:
Me: Hey, guys, do you like my shoes? I haven't worn these forever!
Mitch:Yeah Mom! (what a sweet brown noser)
Ethan: I don't know (He didn't even look. He just knew it was a safe answer)
Isaac: NO!
Me: What do you mean no? These babies are Hilfigers!
Isaac: Whatever that is. They're just weird looking.
Me (starting to get a little defensive): What do you mean? I used to get all sorts of compliments on these shoes......ten years they really look weird?
Isaac: Yeah, they just are weird looking.
Me: (tears streaming down my face now) So I bet you think I'm fat too?! (Just kidding on this last part--it just seemed like a good thing a pregnant lady would say)

I usually would not give much credence to Ike's opinions on my clothes. But he does have good vision and the fact that he didn't give a passive comment like Ethan meant he really had an opinion. Plus I was helping out in his class that day and I think he had a little moment of Mommy Might Be an Embarrassment. I also knew that after ten years it was highly unlikely that my Hilfiger clogs were still the talk of the town. In a good way, that is. So I gave in and changed shoes to something a little less eye catching. I hope by this small allowance I bought enough time in my son's eyes that he will still let me come and show my face (or feet) in his class for a few more years. But dang. I'm way too young and cool to start being embarrassing to my kids. Right?


stephanie said...

Addie still is in the phase of life where mom is the coolest and why don't I come help in her class more often. I am trying to appreciate that since I know it will change quickly.
Why didn't you post a picture of the shoes? then you could get our opinions too!!!!

T said...

turns out being "young and cool" is actually what embarrasses my kids the most :)

big8smiley said...

Ha ha! Who knew he even cared??? Thank goodness I'm still looked up to. Although Athena has also started to critique what I'm wearing and suggesting I wear other things. Thanks a lot. They sure know how to bruise a mom's ego.

hOLLIANN said...

Hey - clogs are back (at least if you want them to be), and Hilfiger isn't around anymore, so that is vintage...I say you are set. And in today's style...the uglier the better. Of course I am super cool because I have been wearing ugly since I was born. I thank my mother!

cold cocoa said...

Ew. Trix are gross.

Anyway, it is funny how you know you must be getting out of it when you just can't tell if those shoes or cargos or sweater are out of style. I still have a couple things I almost give to MS each time but I just can't do it, either because it will come back in style soon or I just can't tell if I still should wear it!