Friday, September 5, 2008

Soccer--Everyone is doing it.

Halfway through soccer season. Ike and Mitch are playing again this year but we are making Ethan wait another year before his debut. It's very fun to watch them play even though it eats up three nights a week. Hub is coaching Mitch's team and helping out w/ Ike's when needed. This means my sideline job is to mostly keep Noelle and Ethan off the field and out of my purse (why are they always convinced I hide a stash of candy in there? I don't for the very reason it means they'll be digging through my purse)
Here's Ike on the run (blonde boy in the blue). He gets into the games and always is moving the ball. He gets mad when he's subbed out even though his face is flaming red from all the running and he looks as if he has heat stroke.

This is Mitch (in the yellow shirt, dead center, cheesing at the camera). There weren't as many running shots of him since he generally prefers the ball to come right to him if he's going to kick it. The game had started when Mitch noticed I had my camera ready so of his own accord he stopped moving and smiled (as did the girl next to him) so I could get a good shot.

Something I have noticed since putting my kids into sports-- I am not one of the parents who quietly sits on the sidelines. I am constantly coaching and yelling. Not mean and abusive yells, mind you ( I save those for the privacy of my home), but helpful shouts of encouragement and advice. Sometimes I am by other parents who do this as well--mostly moms---but then there are the times when I am sitting by the mute ones--mostly dads-- and I feel a little self-conscious when I start jumping up and down and shrieking. Do the mute ones just not see the point of yelling when the kids can't hear? Am I really annoying them? Or have they just had a long day at work? What kind of fan are you?


cold cocoa said...

Last year I left the yelling to the over-aggressive Soccer Dads. This year, I am starting to yell to Anika so she'll kick it and so everyone else knows I am trying to help her overcome any, uh, hesitations. I know some people really get into it, and I don't want them mad.

What's hard for me is when other parents yell to my kid. That makes me a bit uncomfortable, unless it's a congratulatory yell for after she's kicked it!

T said...

I have to admit to being a very loud baseball mom - despite not knowing what the heck I'm talking about! I was a pretty loud soccer mom, and probably stuck to more useful shouts at least because I knew how to play the game :)

I have to agree with CC though - stick to yelling at your own kid unless it's a "way to go Joe" type of comment!

LC said...

Nice action shots!
When I watch Kate I see a reflection of what I must have been like on the field when my coach was yelling, "keep on your toes, go after it." We like to kick the ball and then stand back to see where it goes and admire it.

I'm slowly turning into a yelling mom. It's okay right?--as long as you do 9 positives for every one negative...err I mean suggestion.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

No idea what kind of fan I am....but I'm one of those PLAYERS that are abusive- problem? Maybe you can teach me how to be gracious and your kids can teach me how to actually play. I'm not so good. Thoughts?

hOLLIANN said...

Old Yeller...right here! I am all about telling my kid to kick the ball in my nicest lawn mower voice. Not to be mean, but just to remind them that we are playing soccer, not freeze tag.

What gets me is the coaches that cheat for their team. What the heck? they are 4 and 5 year old kids on the team...they don't even know how to count let alone figure out about the was a bad soccer coaching day!

T said...

coaches cheating for the team... ugh, they need to jump right in the handbasket! (and if you don't get the reference, good for you... you're sweet)

My issues last baseball season were more about the coaches whining that their boys needed 6 strikes... or other some such nonsense - at 8 years old it's time to realize that it's a competitive sport... and usually 6 pitches didn't work out any better than the first 3