Monday, September 8, 2008

All We Do is Party

We didn't go to any grandma's house yesterday or have anyone over. I pictured a nice quiet Sunday where everyone could go to bed on time. However, you would have thought the world was coming to an end. "We're not going anywhere??!" each of the verbal ones asked a couple of times. I tried to tell the kids that this was a rare opportunity to enjoy each other and reflect in quiet solitude the important things of life. Instead, there was lots of VeggieTales watching and fighting. Oh, well. At least they went to bed on time.

I should have shown them my blog. Then the little bored children would remember that they actually leave the house quite a bit. Maybe that's the problem. They forget how to stay at home all day.

We started off the weekend with the Kite Festival. This is a new thing at the Spanish Fork Reservoir. Due to my awesome photography skills you can't even tell that the main attraction in the photo is the jet ski pulling a large kite behind it.
There were lots of huge cool kites flying but we spent most of our time on the playground of course.
We then went on our belated Labor Day hike that we missed due to the rain. As you can tell from the picture, the hike is actually on a dirt road. This enabled Grandpa to 'drive' his hike and set up a sweet spot to await us. We explained to some of the more jealous kids that Grandpa has hiked enough in his lifetime (how many boy scouts did he raise? And who likes to hike more than mom?) to earn this pass.

I think Dad enjoyed this hike more than most. He had his laptop to work on while listening to the BYU game on his radio. I think he was disappointed we weren't a little longer finding him.
We also finally finished putting our basketball hoop up this weekend. So far we've only bounced the ball in the neighbors backyard about ten times. Good thing they were already used to fetching our footballs and baseballs so a basketball is just a pleasant surprise.


T said...

if you'd just start being more boring your kids wouldn't expect each day to culminate in wild and fun activities! We've got it down to a science around here... no expectations at all.

cold cocoa said...

Dang- I forgot my camera and took pictures with Russell's phone, which probably won't be so good.

As for Sundays, some can be so good when you just stay at home and the kids are content. Didn't we have fun Sundays?

Michelle said...

I have noticed since returning from the mission that Pa C is less than his spritely self. How sad that time passing for some brings growth and ability whilst for others it brings a slowing down. I wonder if I have done enough yet to deserve the natural slow down? Probably not. Someday . . . maybe.

hOLLIANN said...

When my pretend hikes get rained out...we don't postpone...we celebrate...Happy Hiking to you...happier driving to "dad"!

Sher said...

I've been really busy lately. I just can't seem to remember all that we've done. I'm glad you got to hike and that Dad got to at least listen to the game. I, at one time, thought we'd try the kite festival but you probably noticed that we weren't among the crowds. Sigh. maybe another year.

The Allreds said...

sounds like I live on the right side of you, haven't seen any basketballs, I'll take the raspberries anyday! hee hee
THat's my kind of hike, a road that keeps your legs far from rattlesnake striking range : )
the kite festival-glad to hear someone went. maybe we'll add that to our festival list for next year : ) I think I like watching kites fly more than I enjoy flying them, there's too many tantrums, snarled line, etc.