Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The last week of January

 After months of healthiness I was actually relieved to have some sickness in the family.  We all have to have our turn, right? Variations of a cough, fever and colds visited everyone but Hub. He must be living right because he rarely gets sick.
Fortunately we still managed to squeeze in our basketball games. Ike and Mitch are playing and having a great time. Ike vacillates between feelings of thinking he's Jimmer and can't be stopped to beating himself up if he doesn't score double digits.  Mitch does a great job and has only scored one basket for the other team this year. He's on a team with lots of friends and they all put in a great, sweaty effort.

Some of us were able to also attend Noelle's first dance performance.  I was worried that she would be a no-show due to some of her 'issues' with not wanting attention (she refused to get her preschool pictures taken, her eyes or ears tested, etc).  She ended up being just fine and told me she didn't even need us to pray for since she wasn't nervous at all. And who wants wasted prayers, right?
                           She goes to a dance studio with several first cousins and second cousins. (she and Annie were mice, Kylie and Madeleine flowers)
I spent a lot of time and hairspray on Noelle's curls and by the time the show started it was pretty deflated as you can see. Next time I'm giving her a home perm before the show.
That was all.
Now we move onto February. This month is very exciting because it's short and brings us one month closer to   spring. Hurray!


The Allreds said...

loved the basketball picture of the boys...wish G would take a liking to that sport - it's all SOCCER in his brain!
Noelle was precious! Good thing you caught a shot of the back with all her'd never know she had long, gorgeous hair from the front shot! how neat to dance with cousins!!!!! hope your Feb. will be great, I know the end of it will be : )

stephanie said...

Sounds like Ike has the makings of a good player being that he has confidence and the drive to do better.
Noelle and cousins did a great job!

Sher said...

I've been wondering how the dance concert went. I'm glad Noelle decided to not be nervous. It would make performing easier if I could decide that and stick to it!

LC said...

Totally with you on the Spring thing--can't get here soon enough.

Kate had bball game last night and before the game a bday party where they got their hair done at the salon. Kate was running down the court dribbling with her mountain of curly swirly hair bouncing. So much for trying to be a tomboy.

Cool that all those cousins can dance together at the same recital--that's gonna make it way easier on the grandparents when they come back.

cold cocoa said...

Shoot- with all those cousins in the same dance program it's silly not to join. But-- we might put Olivia in gymnastics next year. She is rather bouncy.