Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday and Loveday

 Hub had a Birthday. He is the new scoutmaster in our ward so he spent his birthday money on scout/camp stuff and then even got to be on the winter campout for some of his special day. The kids spoiled him rotten with multiple cards (I think Syd made about 12) and Ethan even gave him two Pokemon cards ( not completely altruistic--now that Hub owns a couple cards Ethan always is trying to talk him into playing Pokemon with him). Mitch made him a fortune teller where Hub always ended up being 'awesome' or 'amazing' and Ike gave him a coupon  promising that the next time they played Risk Ike wouldn't lose his temper (another sneaky gift--since Ike was hoping it meant they could play Risk that day). Noelle's card had a picture of her and Hub in the sunshine that made Syd cry because 'where me in the picture?'
Hub is a great hubby and father and deserves more than one day a year where he gets spoiled. I guess there's always Father's Day....

Then three days later it's Valentines Day. I can't complain since my birthday is a week after Christmas, but dang, I'd like to spread out some of these special days a bit more!

Mitch's 'box' is the milk jug, Ethan wanted a dragon, and that other thing is Ike's musical instrument he had to make for his monthly project. He didn't make a box because he's in 6th grade and is too cool for that? So he was the only kid in his class who had a grocery bag be his box. I honestly didn't complain!

Syd and Noelle looking 'loving' and holding the valentines balloon they talked Hub into buying. And then popped 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Hub and I had a special dinner together while we let the kids watch a movie and then we all did the chocolate fountain. Hub pulls that out a couple times a year and the kids love it. I'm not super fond of the mess, cuz I'm not fun like that, but since Hub does all the cleanup I can't complain. Told you he was special.
All in all, it's kindof nice having occasions to look forward to in spite of the extra work it brings. Now what to do for President's Day?


Sher said...

Sounds like a fun birthday for your Hub, and I like that you worked out a way to have a festive Valentine's day at home. I also like that Sydney made so many cards for her Dad and the other kids were so creative in their gifts.

LC said...

Happy Birthday to Leon! He's a great guy and yes, he deserves a special treat for cleaning up the chocolate fountain cuz those can be a real pain--totally worth it though;)
Lots of love and creativity going on over there...

stephanie said...

I would not be a happy camper if I had to camp in the cold on my birthday.
The chocolate fountain does look fabulous!!

cold cocoa said...

Ha ha! Your vday boxes leave a little creativity to be desired, though wigs come in handy. Again.
I went to Olivia's class and though I thought our pig was amazing, some one had a dollhouse made out of wood, and a robot that was goes it.

DKAZ said...

Can I go on a Scout Camp for my birthday? Nevermind...girl's camp has luckily fallen on my birthday a time or two-no better way to celebrate I might add. Happy Birthday to Leo!
I never took you for a chocolate fountain kind of girl, but it ranks right up there with pumpkin carving. Too much work, too little pay off, (esp in AZ where they melt on the first day)BUT-if you skip on the clean-up that helps.