Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two Weeks of being Party Animals

 We have been on a whirlwind of family fun lately. We got to babysit a couple of cousins for a weekend and at the same time my NJ sis and fam came a callin'. So we have crammed all sorts of crazy fun into our last bits of summer vacation.
Some of us visited the Sweet's candy factory. It was pretty fun despite the drive and trying to bribe the toddlers to wear hair nets......I won't look at taffy the same!

Have to hit Santaquin canyon for the August Birthdays. Syd loves family gatherings where she can just play in the water jug and eat chips.

My sistas from the same mista

Cousin carnival party.  I think it's sweet how Ike and 3-year-old Claire like to hang together

Same carnival party with Cold Cocoa. I look so awesome because  I think every party she plans I end up being the 'fortune teller'.  She probably needs to google some new party game ideas......

And now on to Di and Bry's fun idea of a marshmallow gun party. Even Noelle loved making a gun

Getting ready for war
Ethan going down from his attempts to storm the castle

Mitch and Hub. Mitch was more into posing while Hub was more into stealth
Second week of sitting through a hot parade. It's worth all the  salt water taffy though since now we know how cool it is to make it!

And that was a glimpse of some of our fun. My phone has pix of the ice skating Mitch and I did today and of the park play dates, the water fights and the splash pad and of all the fun we've had just playing around with the cousins (and I can't be expected to download both camera and phone pix in one day!!) But how great is it that from both sides of our families my kids have over 50 built-in friends? Cousins rock.
 And now we have one week left to acclimate back to a life where we don't go somewhere fun everyday and we have a set bedtime and we don't need to pack the bugspray and camping chairs when we leave the house. Wish us luck!


stephanie said...

hey that looks like a lot of fun! I love the fortune teller.

one week until school starts!! That is crazy. I would be happy about it except that means cold weather is coming again.

T Daley said...

I think you make a GREAT fortune teller. Do you hire out?

Glad your summer has been full of so much fun.

cold cocoa said...

I have to center the party around the fortune teller because it's the best feature of my party! Though I should tone you down a little next time because you got a few of the guests scared with your predictions of lost toes and extra pinkies on their children.
I'm glad reunion pt 2 went well. One more parade to go and that's it for 2011. Sad.

DKAZ said...

Well, those parades look EXCITING! What was that a john deer coming down the road?

I like the fortune teller you're dying for the fortune teller parties so you can break out your "big" earrings.

LC said...

In Cannon's words that's a "super duper" fun week.
It looks like I'm crouching in the hopes of finding a scrap of shade off of him during the parade.
Whoever was the one giving out the ice cold water bottles wins my vote for best float.

TisforTonya said...

we were so sad to miss out on the fun... but now that we know that H's headaches were caused by a nasty Strep... I think you're all glad that we instead exposed everyone at back to school night and ward activities...

Sher said...

I like all of your fun pictures even though we seem to be absent in all of them. I guess we were busy visiting "Magoon" for Dan. I'm not ready to end all the fun!

The Allreds said...

you went to salt lake and didn't come say HI to me!??! now you're busted : ) looks like LOTS of fun to me!