Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We do leave the house. Occasionally.

 A major highlight of the summer is the trip to Lake Powell with Hub's fam. It's always exciting to see how much stuff we can pack in bags and coolers, actually fit it into our van, then transfer it all onto a boat and then transfer it again to the houseboat and then unpack it all and then do the reverse order in a few days time.

This year Ethan and Mitch got to go down early with the old folks. They got to do some hiking.

 Noelle must have picked up some modeling tips from the womb when I used to watch ANTM....

Hub and Syd trying out the water. It was a bit cold for some of the kids. Syd didn't appreciate it. And Hub's arms got super tan by the end of the week in case you're wondering.....

Ike liked to do some fancy jumps off the back of the houseboat. This move was called The Ballerina.

Noelle and cousin Dayton trying to sneak off on a jet ski.

The ever popular tube.

Sometimes the kids just wanted to play in their life jackets on top of the bunk. Go figure.

Boys on the tube.
I only took photo evidence of the good times. No pix of the broken boat, the tantrums, the afternoon wind storms that drove us inside for hours....And that my friends, is how history becomes distorted. But that is a topic for philosophical days. Moving right along....

It's the end of June and we finally made it on a family hike. We are so lucky to live 5 minutes away from some beautiful canyons, lakes and trails.

Hub set the self-timer and didn't quite take his sunglasses off in time.

Told you that Noelle wants to be a super model.

Our little cheeseball kids.

Isn't the scenery lovely? And you can kindof tell that Ethan only picked up two sticks to take home. It's a miracle.
 Now you know we're alive, healthy and have been adventurising. I'm pretty sure I just made up that word.


cold cocoa said...

Should we do that hike for the reunion? It is gorg. So how come noelle smiled for the camera now but not at family picture time? And that syd looks so sweet with piggies. Wait...how does her hair fit in piggies? Dollar store extensions?

LC said...

Lake Powell sounds like my kind of fun!! As long as somebody else is in charge of all the boat mechanics.
Will you be keeping your tans for the reunion?

stephanie said...

Leon's arms did look pretty white in that picture.

If Peggy's kids can be kid models then Noelle should be a kid super model. Find her an agent.

Looks like fun time but stressful. I hope it was good times

T Daley said...

Sounds like you had a Blast! (except for the times you didn't,& then I agree just try to block them out)
I love your like super model she is so cute!!! and your baby is getting so big!

The Allreds said...

one of these days/years/centuries our family will get to enjoy powell and not just drive by it : ) we'll have to get some tips from you - seasoned vacationers!! : )the surroundings on your outings looked lovely. just remember the beautiful, happy moments...it will help you for next years prep.

Michelle said...

If the hike is more than ten minutes I don't think I could handle it this year. Lake Powell sounds like so much fun. Maybe one year there will be less whining and more . . . no there won't. I like edited history because you can be the eternal optimist and actually change your memory of what happened.

Sher said...

Great pictures. I'm glad you're home.