Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Non-Gamer's guide to Games

Now that the holiday season is over and we are partied out, I can offer my expert advice on fun games to play. My disclaimer is that I am NOT your typical game person.  I can’t shuffle very well and I can’t ever remember the rules to most card games but I am an awesome person with perfect opinions.  And with that, here is my guide:
*Settlers of Catan
Nothing personal with the above games (actually it is), but they all require too much TIME.  Fun games should not take longer than 15 minutes and they also shouldn’t require enough brain power that you’d miss something if you had to go change a diaper, make a sandwich, or carry on a conversation with someone across the room.

*25 Words or Less
*A to Z
*Anomia (new find from faraway sis)!
*Catchphrase (wouldn't be conference weekend without it, though I think I have most of the categories memorized by now)
All the above games are fun word-speedy- yell out games that make me break out from my demure nature.  They’re great for a group and can often get those other demure people involved. 
So go return the that Settlers of Catan expansion set Auntie Beulah bought you, and invest in some of my game suggestions. 
(Of course, if you really are angry that I dissed some of your faves or wondering why I didn’t recommend SkipBo, then you and Hub can get together for game night anytime. He’s up for anything.  As evidenced by the fact he played High School Musical Monopoly Jr. with the kiddies…..bless his heart.)


Heidi said...

Funny! I despise board games unless I can play them with other adults with scintillating senses of humor.

Heidi said...

Not saying I have one--just that I'm an adult.

DKAZ said...


cold cocoa said...

Amen sista! Games that have multiple parts and a board are the pits. Maybe when we're in the rest home they'll have their place.

I also have resentment for any game that adapts itself for Disney characters to make it appeal to younger kids. Princess version...Dora version...and those fairies are the worst!

Michelle said...

Apparently you ladies never played clue, Careers, or Masterpiece with my father. He has turned those games into an art form. It can't have been fun to play with us, but we all have fond memories of it. I am not as noble and refuse to play games like that with my children. We play the shouting ones.

Sher said...

I like your list. I grew up playing those long ones but I can't ever seem to get myself to play them anymore. I like at least two of the ones you listed and just haven't heard of the other one. We're all so demure in our family right?

Anonymous said...

Games shouldn't take more than 15 minutes and be easy enough so that you can carry on coversations and do other things?

Do you feel the same way about books, movies and sex?

LC said...

We totally need to party! I love games that let me shout out whatever pops into my head and transform me into the party girl that I really am.
Boards, pieces,and HSM?fuhgetaboutit.
Let's play!

stephanie said...

Yes, I agree! No board/bored games and little brain power makes for a fun night.

Who is anonymous?

Megz said...

Anon--heck yeah. I've got 5 wee ones running around here. If I'm so engrossed in acquiring land for my farm that I don't notice somebody is playing in the toilet or choking to death then we've got problems. Books, movies and other 'recreational' activities all get their time and place. Usually when the kids are in bed and time ain't an issue.
Obviously you love your board games. Come on over after bedtime!

DKAZ said...

This may be your most controversial post yet Megz! Wow...I mean it wasn't like you were dissing on the Twilight series or anything serious like that!

Leon said...

Is this a gender thing? Playing a good game with people (even those that make you think) for an hour is far better then reading a book by yourself for an hour. Here is a list of other good games.

Axis & Allies
The Pirate Dice Game
500 (the best of all card games)

Matt and Cristina said...

I think you need to add RISK to the first list... Next time Matt wants to play that one I'm calling Leon.

T said...

haha - you know I love board games... but I think we have some of the "absolutely nots" in common. Seriously, I don't get Settlers...

and absolutely - RISK belongs in the no way, no how category as well :)

but I love a good long card game... mostly because the cleanup doesn't include little stupid pieces everywhere that have to be fit back into a box !

big8smiley said...

Ha ha! I'm surprised we get along! I LOVE Settlers! My dad and I get together once a week and play for a few hours! :) Although I do love some of the others you suggested. 25 words or less is for sure Jeremy's specialty. I guess what I get from this is - play what you like! No, I'm not offended that you don't like my kind of games. I'll just remember not to call you over when we pull them all out! I'm with you on Life, though. Ugh! All that excitement about getting a new little pink plastic baby and then you land on taxes. DUMB!