Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lo and Behold

We're so proud of Syd's new climbing skills. It keeps us all alert to know that whenever we turn around she's in a dangerous place.

Father's Day was fun. How can you not love being a dad when you have two older boys who pose for pictures like this?

We like to tour  BYU with my dad around Father's Day since he was Employee of the Month there for 39 years. (does that lie even make sense? Maybe Employee of the Year would have worked better....) See how he's yelling like the screaming toddler he's holding? You know you're a good dad when you  can emote with the wee ones.

And's the time of year we try on the life jackets to make sure they still fit for the upcoming trip to Lake Powell. For some reason this is a blast. And we'll wear the life jackets around all day. Don't believe me? Keep looking.....

You never know when a tsunami will hit while practicing the piano!

Friday, June 18, 2010


    Nearly a month into our summer vacation! For the most part we're loving it. Most days feel too busy but there have been a few days where I feel like we're scrounging around for something fun to do and praying for the return of Wipeout to TV. Sadly, I'd love to share the memorable times with you all but I noticed a definite lack of worthy photos in my album.  So this is what we need------

WANTED : Family photographer/videographer. Willing to work without pay and be available at all times.  Has to take great action photos. Bonus if you can get face shots. Preferably over the age of 10.  Also great if you can photoshop normal smiles for my boys. And give me a nicer hairdo.

     This would solve many a problem. For example, Mitch had a very fun food fight Birthday party. It was very hard to take photos, video and hand out Jello-Jigglers to throw all at the same time.
      Ethan has had so much fun at tee-ball. Hopefully he'll remember the good times because nobody is taking pictures. Hub is too busy trying to keep Syd off the field while I'm coaching. Then there are Ike's track meets, Mitch's games, swimming parties, park days, tender outside moments with the girls....
      And when we do take pictures? They turn out crappy. Sorry to use harsh language.
So please apply.
Meanwhile here are a few samples of  what we have......

Friday, June 4, 2010

Can't Compete

So we were at the library today and I was trying to check out my contraband (3 books over the family  max of 25!) when Noelle says wistfully, "I wish she was our mom." I whip my head around to see who she could be talking about. Definitely wasn't the older grouchy librarian....not the balding man....that left the chick who looked maybe 19, in a bright floral halter dress, bright red lipstick and black curly hair. Yep. Noelle was staring right at her. It wasn't like she was doing anything fun in the library like creating balloon animals or ribbon dancing. She was just standing in line for the computers. That made Noelle's judgement rely solely on physical appearance. And apparently mine doesn't measure up. Not enough lipstick? (or any?) Must I dress up to go to the library?  My shallow 3-year-old wants to trade me in for a younger, more vibrant version. As long as Hub doesn't feel the same way, I can live with that. (happy 12th anniversary to us tomorrow!)