Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scary Santa Sightings 2010

We had a jingle bell rockin' weekend with 3 Christmas parties in which we graced everyone with our presence. Ethan was so quick to get on Santa's lap that I almost missed the photo op.

Mitch was slightly more reluctant and when asked what he wants for Christmas he mumbled, "I don't know." He only likes to show enthusiasm when computer games or Cheetos are involved.

This is as close as Noelle got to Santa at the first sighting. (he's somewhere on that stage behind her)
By the last party she got a lot closer. You can actually see them in the same frame....
Isaac has not sat on Santa's lap since he was 6 months old.   I'm sure he'll do it by the time he's a deacon and it's considered one of those funny things to do.

And then there was Syd. After the screaming when I got within a few feet of St. Nick, I knew it was a no-go. Her clingy monkey posture during the rest of the party/parties was a good indication that it wasn't happening. No surprise from the girl who has yet to stay in nursery.

In other Christmas news....our ward puts on a creche each year. It's a great production and the choir performs and lots of work and people are involved. This year the primary has a part in it too where they sing and do a live nativity. It was optional so I knew my older two boys wouldn't sign up. Unfortunately, Ethan had no qualms. I got the phone call telling me what part he is and that I needed to get him a costume.  I was hoping for shepherd or wise man or even an angel (we have a Hannah Montana wig that I'd make him wear) But guess what he is??  A cow. Yes, you read correctly-- a bovine. I think someone in the primary presidency hates me.
 He has brown clothes. Can I just call that good??


jaredandgina said...

That is great! Man I miss all the fun Utah Christmas parties. Does the Gardner family still do one?

Sher said...

Maybe you should add a headband with felt brown ears and some extra brown or black on his nose. That would be good -- oh maybe a rope for a tail -- or brown yarn? Good luck with that. Brown clothes will do in a pinch. He can say moo and they'll know what he is.

I like the Santa pictures.

T Daley said...

K... Noelle is the cutest thing ever! I just love the pictures of her.
Last year Tyler got within talking distance (the closest she has ever been) simply to tell him she knew he wasn't real… so just give her the candy cane so she could leave. Yep, she is on the naughty list!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

stephanie said...

Ethan is not fitting the mold in your family. He looks way to happy to see Santa. Maybe he is adopted.

The Allreds said...

Sara was a cow last year at our ward party and I felt the same. She got to watch over a "calf" so I guess that's why they gave her that role!?!?!
Sorry Santa is such a scary guy to your kids...I'd still sit on his lap if I knew he'd bring me my every wish : )

T said...

a few spots and you're golden!!

I think that a few of my kids sat on Santa's lap... once... maybe twice... since then it's been an exercise in futility :)

Michelle said...

Wow to all you creative commenters. I was as lost as Megz. I've told my kids that Santa is our special friend and that he loves us. The little ones still scream like he is some stranger dressed in a funny red suit and a fake beard.

LC said...

How now brown cow.
It's a rite of passage in our family to be able to sit on Santa's lap and get a picture of you looking at him and screaming in horror.

cold cocoa said...

I'm not sure who decided kids should sit on his lap. Why not shake his gloved hand or comb his curly white beard?
Are you serious about Ike? Holy cow! That is unique to be so consistently anti-Santa lap.

Matt and Cristina said...

One of my school kids was a cow once in a school play and his mom just wrapped a towel around him that she had taped some construction paper spots to. It worked just fine! Ethan might not be too excited about that though. I have a feeling I am going to have an anti-Santa too. She won't even let Daddy hold her lately! And I love Isaac's "Santa on a Diet" shirt in your last post. I need to get one of those for Matt. See you at the Creche!

big8smiley said...

I missed the creche! I would have loved to see the cow costume! Sorry about the Santa thing. The good thing is that they won't spring any last minute surprised on you - when Santa finds out they want something different than they have told you for the last 3 months. Better luck next year?