Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election 09

(What I'll look like voting in a few years)

Another exciting election day is over. My little hamlet had a ho hum municipal election with only one mayoral candidate on the ballot in addition to a couple of city council positions. But a vigorous write in campaign was waged for mayor and the write in candidate won! How exciting is that?
And my dear uncle, in another little hamlet, had a hard fight to keep his position as mayor. He eked out a win and all is well. How exciting is that?
Gay marriage not happening in Maine, Bloomberg spending bazillions of his own money, major governor races in the east....How exciting is that??
I got to tally the votes last night. My alltime favorite election day activity. For one, you don't have to spend 15 hours at the same table as an election judge and fight with people over which precinct they thought they were in, and for another, you are the very first one to get an inkling of what the results are going to be. Sadly, you also see that some people are very inept at voting. Please, if it says mark two candidates then try to only pick two! If you mark three then none of them counts! We also had someone vote for everyone on the ballot. That is a very nice Christian sentiment but in elections they all can't be winners. Then there was one completely blank ballot that confused us. We heard later that an impatient wife assumed her husband was done voting and grabbed his ballot and stuffed it in the box before he'd filled anything out. Apparentely she didn't know that he needed lots of contemplation time?
My favorite was a write in candidate for mayor: Thomas S. Monson. I wonder if he knew he was in the running?


Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, that's funny!

stephanie said...

I am sure Thomas S. Monson would make a great mayor for Payson.

It was an exciting night! I find it both humorous and sad that Burtis lost. I bet no one is as shocked as him. (Unless it is Rick.)

Way to always be involved. You rock!

Michelle said...

Growing up in a politically active family, as well as mathematically, I can understand your desire to work for the common good. I, on the other hand, grew up in a home that if we remembered to vote it was a great victory. Also, if I could count without using my fingers and toes I might consider volunteering as well. Good for you, though.

cold cocoa said...

We know you're just in it for the free beverage. Well, I hope you get one?
I didn't care one iota about who to vote for. When it comes down to the only distinguishing thing about a candidate is color of hair or age then what's the point?

The Allreds said...

Go Pres. Monson...I'm all for YOU!!!

DKAZ said...

That was exciting. I think it would be fun to count the votes-I might have just filled that blank one in when no one was looking. Thanks also, for clarifiying that the vote doesn't count if you select more candidates than asked to. I already feel a little bit more patriotic after that vote 09 summary. Seriously LOVING the Maine-eans?. Tyler said if it passed, it would just prove that there were alot of ugly people who live there...LOL! Is that too mean for this family friendly blog???

Lady Di said...

You didn't mention if you were the only one who wasn't a sr. citizen.
Whenever I go to vote, I feel very young. And do you give out treats? The old ladies sent Bryon home with candy for him and his kids but didn't offer me any. What's with that???

DKAZ said...

where is your halloween post