Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art, LEGOs, and them pesky har-mones

I hope my title just sucked you right in. Anyhoo, I've just been too busy living life to the fullest lately and have had to put my lovely blog on the back burner. But I'm back to give you a quick recap of what's been going down...
I got to help out with the Valentine's party at school and made this beautiful cupid for 'Pin the Heart on the Cupid.' I know that is dang creative ( CC so lovingly pointed out that we turn any party game into a 'pin the..' activity since it involves minimal prep). Ethan was disturbed that the cupid wasn't wearing any clothes. I pointed out that little clothing is required when true love is involved. (soo just kidding on that one! We won't be having that talk for a few more decades...)

Then there is the daily challenge of making Ethan clean up LEGOs. (Does it bother you I feel obligated to capitalize that word? LEGO people get really mad when you don't because it is part of their brand identity. I don't really remember where I learned that nugget of trivia, but I think it's true.) Ethan takes about 4 hours to clean these babies up because he gets distracted mid-clean by another ingenious building idea. Some days this obsession is welcome, but when we have a time crunch for cleaning it is not.
And then there are my preggers harmones. Not to be confused with hormones, because it is clearly more fun and countrified to say harmones. But I definitely can tell I have got some extra dosages runnin' through my body. I am usually not a crier. But I have found myself crying after reading a book! I also cried when Isaac accused me of cheating at Horse (I actually beat him so I guess he thought that was proof). And I cried lots when I looked out my window and saw two moving trucks.
Our good neighbors are moving to another state and I was in denial until the trucks showed up. I don't think I should blame that one on the harmones though. I think I would have cried even without them. Good neighbors shouldn't be allowed to move. Where's the president and his campaign promises when you need him?
I better go before I start crying again.


cold cocoa said...

I know...now you understand when I was crying about my neighbors moving. Stinks.
Why were you crying after reading one of your Harlequins?
That is a really good drawing of cupid. Maybe i can borrow for next year!

T said...

maybe if you run out there REALLY quickly and let the air out of the tires they'll see it as a sign that they NEED to stay!!! Until we moved here we were always the neighbors that left - and much as that sucked, I think I'm dreading our good neighbors leaving!

Hmmm... I'm guessing that I don't need to offer you our big tub of Duplo blocks then, looks like your boys have moved on to making the bigger mess with the smaller version... Maybe CC needs some for little Samuel

I had a LEGO gal just IRATE with me once for using "LEGOS" (plural) in writing - apparently they're LEGO bricks (or blocks) but there is no such thing as Legos... touchy sensitive freaks...

stephanie said...

No such thing as LEGOS that is all they are called around here. My kids haven't heard of bricks or blocks.
Sorry about the nieghbors moving. That does stink. You just ever know when you are going to get emotional. I still remember crying cause Landan ate my last peanut butter bar.

stephanie said...

apparently I am having issues with my writing ignore the misspelled words, please!

The Peacock's said...

I feel your sadness. I cried when the Hansen's moved, the Tew's, the Anderson's, the Helvey's and the Allred's. I hate when good people we are close to move. I told Ryan we are moving out away from people like in the middle of no where to prevent this sadness. Really were not but thats how I feel sometimes. Maybe you need some cupcakes... We also have quite the collection of LEGOS. If I am not picking them up with help from the boys of course then I am vacuuming them up.

hOLLIANN said...

My biggest fear is truly when good neighbors move. I try and do enough service for my good neighbors that it would cost them dearly to move...okay, I dreamt that up, maybe next year I will be that good of a neighbor. Fabulous artistry by the way.

LC said...

I would cry if I had to clean up all those LEGO blocks.
What book were you reading?...maybe it was a story from the Friend? Those can really get to me.

big8smiley said...

Why are all of our great neighbors moving? It's WRONG! Where else is there to go, really?

For sure it is LEGO. Look how wrong this looks: lego. Nope, can't do it.

Those stinking harmones have me messed up from kids. I never used to cry about anything, but now everything makes me tear up (mostly in movies). I find myself getting choked up over something stupid like - when we went to see HSM3 and there was a big party at the end with a happy ending. Yes, who couldn't talk for a minute? Me. It's dumb. The whole thing is dumb and I'm tired of it.

Tippettsfam said...

megan! i thought that was you! you are so funny!!! glad i found you (through steph's blog).

leslie lewis (byu dance)

Sher said...

I made a good comment and the computer ate it. Good blog Megz.

How It All Began... said...


It's me! Your old buddy Angie Olsen (Center now).

I can't believe that while blog surfing I found YOU! It's been decades! Ok, maybe not that long, after all we're not that old. But it has been a long time. I've missed you my friend and have often wondered how you are, where you live and what you're up to. Ah - the good old days of Playmakers and orchestra with Miss Bristow and her wet noodles. You have a darling family and reading your posts has been great fun. Send me your email address and I'll invite you to our blog I'm a paraniod mamma so ours is private. In the meantime, have a happy day!

My email:


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