Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yeah, it's true. I've got the blogging blahs. I have so much wisdom to impart, so many beautiful pictures to post, and lots of inspirational anecdotes to share. There's just this little thing called 'LAZY' that is getting in my way. So instead I'm throwing you a few bare bones for you to gnaw on until I get off my duff and feed you more (at least I can provide you with some great imagery!)

So Noelle had her 4th Birthday. We threw her a Dora party. Love this age because the games are simple, no decorations required and due to some food allergies of a guest the refreshments got to be simple as well!

 We went to ColdStone on Noelle's Birthday because we were just looking for a special occasion to use a gift card we had. Syd obviously enjoyed her cone.
 Noelle got some LEGOs for her big day. Her brothers were so jealous.

In other news, a few bros, nephews, a SIL and I hiked Mt. Timp. As you can see in the picture the moon was still up when we started. It was a beautiful fall day and an awesome hike. And the mountain goats at the top were the cutest things EVER. If you know me in real life you know that I use the word cute sparingly. So that should tell you how dang cute those goats were.  And the hike was really good for your buns. Just ask mine.

There was a school carnival in the midst of all this stuff. Ethan is the only kid who will allow his face to be painted. You might think it's a rose, but it's really a fire breathing dragon. Stood in line for over an a hour for that baby.......

We went on a family hike to Stewart Falls. Sadly the funnest part of the hike for the kids was the beginning where they could play on this amphitheater. Noelle's legs stopped working at some point on the hike and Syd thought the hiking backpack was not nearly as fun as being embraced by her mama the whole time. So Hub and I got an excellent workout.
 We capped last weekend off with a dinner and farewell to my parents who are going on a mission to Boston. It is very important that we visit them often to get our fix of entertainment, food and babysitting so we will be accepting donations to help send us there. Thank you in advance.
And that's all she wrote.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to normal

I've given myself some time from that last blog post to acclimate to being boy-less during the school hours. And I have to admit that it ain't so bad. Just me and the girls are here chillin' for 6 hours everyday. Let's include naptime and maybe this isn't such a bad thing......On the other hand, once 3:30 hits all those peaceful bits of the day become distant memories as the kitchen is torn apart in hopes of finding better snacks. Then there are the backpacks and lunch bags that seem to have bred overnight and seem to never quite make it to their designated homes. And there is no great place for the homework folders and info sheets and just random papers that seem to be sent home. Good thing we have a recycling box. Then we must also throw in an after-school meltdown. Or two. Or three.
And then there are the soccer games. All the boys are playing this year which can be quite the challenge logistically. But we made a spreadsheet to show which game Hub and I would attend  so each child feels equally loved. Just kidding. Mitch doesn't really care if anybody watches him since he's more into playing keep away with the ball and Hub is Ethan's coach so that leaves Isaac. And the girls get to play in the dirt. Fun evenings all around.
So yeah. Those peaceful hours of just me and my girlies doing girly things---Bring 'em on. I need me some peace.