Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss me yet? Anyone? Anyone?

I can't just keep on doing 3-month recaps so I'm skipping all of that and just pretending like life started today.  I will however leave you a tidbit of photo evidence that the holidays did occur at our house. And that we still have not become a photogenic group.

             on our way to deliver neighborly treats. Ethan obviously is exuding holiday cheer...

sadly this is the best shot of everyone at Temple Square. See why we don't send out cute Christmas cards?

Now back to TODAY. My Martin Luther King Day resolutions are to resume weekly blogging to preserve our family history. And to not say any bad words. And to make my kids eat more vegetables.  And some other good ones that I don't want to share because you might steal them for yourselves and that's cheating yourself of proper introspection.
I now have to batten down the hatches for the impending snow storm and then get ready for a fun YW activity at the mall. Which means we need to eat dinner earlier. Which means I've got to scrounge up some more veggies to fulfill resolution #3.
Peace out.


Nicole said...

I totally missed your fun posts. I hope you update your blog more often.

cold cocoa said...

You didn't tell me you were going to the mall. Are you wearing your new sneaks? I want to see their brightness.
Your kids are true to themselves, which makes them the most photogenic unphotogenics out there.
Start posting about politics or other boring topics, would you? Or spice it up with some fun controversial subjects.

The Allreds said...

Didn't want to rush you but I did miss your updates : )
"BLAST" or "Sheesha-malina-katina" are good substitutions for bad words!
Can't make New Year's resolutions on your b'day...better to just celebrate on the 1st!
Hope to see you at a laser tag venue in the near future : )

T Daley said...

I missed you!Your kids are so cute and have grown up so much in the last 3 months :)

LC said...

So glad your one of those who sets goals because those are good ones, esp. the first.
I'd love to be in YW if it meant trips to the mall:)

Sher said...

I totally think that those pictures would have made great Christmas cards. If you discover some new tastier vegetables be sure to let me know. I made cheese sauce yesterday to make the broccoli more palatable, but the sauce wasn't so good (not enough cheese) and most people preferred ranch dressing. Dan eats his plain, and likes it. He's impressive!

stephanie said...

I don't know why everyone wants to set goals for the new year! I would rather enjoy my year.

However, you should quit slacking on your blog posts!

Your Christmas cards could be extrememly honest like my moms. only yours would be in picture form

DKAZ said...

I missed you and your super cute photogenic kids. Doesn't make me feel so bad about my own.